It's Time This Was Said--And I'm Saying It

We have all watched over the past 9 long years as a day that changed most of our lives recedes ever further into history.  I speak, of course, of September 11th, 2001.  That week hastened and sealed my conversion to conservatism, as it did for many of you.  Did you ever think that we would reach this point?  A point at which a mosque would be approved to be built so near that site, and to use a building which was damaged by the landing gear of one of those planes?  I didn’t.  It was so far in the realm of the unthinkable that it never crossed my mind to wonder about the possibility.  Nor did I ever think we’d have a president, or New York a mayor, so feckless to approve such a thing.  In response, I offer up the following:

Dear God, who is the Father of us all, please forgive us our human sins and omissions.  For too long, too many of us have thought that we alone were capable of taking care of things here on earth.  Yes, I know that must give you heartburn and a rueful smile, but that’s what we thought.  And here we are, come to a pretty pass indeed.

Your chosen people, Israel, face certain doom if Iran is allowed to proceed with its evil intent.  America, once the champion of freedom, prosperity, and equality for all, is now laid low by those who intend to wipe out her ability to champion anything of value in your eyes.  Where once this country acknowledged You as our spiritual source and inspiration, we are now faced daily with being told that to do so in public makes us enemies of the state and of the people as well.  Where once we protected and cherished our young and the most vulnerable among us, now we are told that the rights of the state must come first.  That to deny a person the chance to murder their young is discriminatory to their rights, and that to continue to protect those who suffer life with severe challenges is “not productive”.

We watch as the world descends ever further into poverty and chaos in so many countries, as those who would replace You with the power of the State work their will.  All the time thinking that they have won, they have smothered Your words and Your influence from the people they tyrannize, giving them only the choice of their way or…. no way.  This is happening here, too, Lord, and your people here need Your help to defeat this evil.

While the human part of me wants nothing so much as some very well-directed lightening bolts, maybe a few limited plagues and locust swarms in the right areas, that is not my call to make.  I will take my direction from the book Jonah in the Bible, who was so angry with God for not destroying Nineveh that he huffed off into the desert to hide from God.  That didn’t work out so well for him.  He argued with God that God should never have sent him on a fool’s mission to save Nineveh because he knew that God would be all loving and forgiving and wouldn’t destroy the place.  Sure ‘nough, that’s what God did when the citizens followed their king’s example and set about praying to God for forgiveness when faced with their destruction.  Jonah was not a happy camper over this news.  So God made His point with Jonah by giving Jonah relief from the hot sun of the desert.  Then He took it away.  When Jonah got mad all over again at the death of the plant that shaded him, God moved in for the win.  “You are angry that the plant died because of the worm I sent to kill it, Jonah?”  “Yes, Lord, I’m angry enough to die over it!”  “But, Jonah, it’s only a plant.  Yet you would have me kill over 120,000 people and animals in Nineveh for their sins.”  Well, it is not quoted in the Bible as such, but I would imagine that God’s next remark had something to do with “What’s wrong in this picture, Jonah?”

So I’m saying it here:  We can plot, plan, and work all we want to get our country back from those who are hell-bent on destroying it.  And we should do ALL those things as hard as we can.  But unless we offer our efforts up to God to use us as He will, then we will not succeed.  Our Founders knew a thing or three about tyranny and about having the deck well-stacked against them.  But they knew even better who would make their efforts come to fruition and it was not the bestest candidate of all in the next election.  It was God, and God alone, who could come through and bless their efforts with success.  Why?  Because they bowed their knees to Him and asked for that blessing.

So I ask for His blessing now on our efforts and hope that all who read this will do the same.  And for our opponents in this, for all those who scoff at the notion of God the Father, the Almighty and His authority over us, this is my prayer for you:

May all who God created know in their hearts and in the dark of the night, that they are His children.  May they reach out and ask for His forgiveness and His mercy.  May they seek to feel His grace in their lives and in their work.  And may they turn from the evil that they do knowingly.  May they once more be reunited with their own souls and do as God has commanded us from the beginning.  Simply to love one another as He has loved us.

And for those who scoff at the very notion, I give you two examples– there was Nineveh, which was saved because the people listened and heeded the warnings that Jonah was sent to give them.  And then there was Sodom and Gomorrah, which did not and was destroyed utterly.  You have a choice.  For those of us who believe as our Founders did, so do we.