Jews, Democrat, and Motherhood - a personal history

Per the requests of several people on another thread, I am re-posting this on it’s own.   Thank you, bs, for the initial suggestion.


I have no clue why people of the Jewish faith had backed Obama so overwhelmingly.  I can only speculate. 



Perhaps it’s a combination of  the habit of being affiliated with the Democrat party for so long,  complacency – feeling that how it is (re: administration supporting Israel), is how it will stay, a feeling that the Clintons support Israel, arrogance, lack of vision, closed minds, and an inability to listen.


A few anecdotal examples:


1. A party at a neighbor’s house before the election, and a passing comment from someone who (was brought up in an Orthodox Jewish home ) mentioned how annoyed he was that the Bush administration,  and Republicans in general,  would not take responsibility for the current (at that time) mortgage crisis.

I mentioned how the seeds of the mess were sown in the Clinton administration (and cited an article in the NY Times from years ago – about how this wonderful new program of making mortgages available to lower income families was being backed and pushed by Pres. Clinton, and how ACORN was lobbying for this).  I said that at the end of the article, it was actually mentioned that in economically good times, this would not be a problem, but if the economy were to fall on hard times, a government bailout might be necessary.  Years later,  exactly that happened.


I ended up with a finger in my face, and the guy yelling at me as he wagged that finger at me, that I was ridiculous for suggesting that a program would be developed that would give loans to people who could never pay them back.

 Annoyed, I told him ,first, to get his finger out of my face, and then to go and do some research  starting with the article that I had cited, and when he knew what he was talking about to get back to me.  I have not heard a word.


2. In chatting with a relative about her election choice, I was explaining how Ahmadinijad stayed happily in a hotel owned by Penny Pritzker when he was here in New York, and how she was working for Obama.  I mentioned Obama’s connections to domestic terrorists, and military people who don’t consider Israel a country worth their time.


The response I got was “Well, I don’t know a lot about politics, I just know.. Republicans are for the rich people, so I’m a Democrat.”

When i reiterated the concerns I had, and explained the ownership of many of the Fortune 500 companies, and the pro-extremist company HE keeps, and how it can eventually come to those with the oil money saying, “sever ties with Israel, because your economy depends on us completely now.”  this was the exchange:


“They HAVE to support Israel.”    

“Why do they HAVE to?”

“Because they do.”


Honestly, this answer not only annoyed me, it terrified me.  Once we become complacent in believing that there is no possibility of another holocaust, we are doomed to be on the track of exactly that.  And this time, it won’t stop with the Jews.


3. Other relatives, who have Israeli flags hanging all over their home, are talking about issues like abortion/pro-choice.

I said, ” I understand your point of view- and I’m not going to discuss whether I agree or not on that, however, that is not , and will not be an issue this administration is going to have to deal with – so why would that be a factor in your election choice?

No answer. Blank stare.


4. My oldest daughter is 13 years old, and quite politically savvy on her own (and, truth be told -is MORE conservative than I am). She does research, she reads, she questions, and when she talked to her friends she asked them, “if you were old enough and could vote, who would you vote for?”    She asks them why and is well-prepared to explain how and why she has come to support her candidate.

The response she gets, which is invariably a sound-bite parroting their parents, is, “Bush is an idiot,” or “The war is stupid.”  When she pointed out it was not Bush who was running, or that the war wasn’t going to end because of Obama, he was just going to send the troops to Afghanistan, they look at her like she’s crazy, and walk away.  It’s as though the people she talks to have been through an indoctrination and are no longer capable of thought, or forming investigative questions.  She comes home from school frustrated, because she’d really like to hear a logical explanation for WHY people, including her teachers, were supporting Obama – but never received one.


It just has seemed like the Democrat party, in their quest to become so absolutely and politically correct, has become quite smug, and holds to a holier-than-thou attitude in everything from not letting the kids in school run in the playground (but yes, they should get at least an hour of exercise every day) since they might fall, to telling me what I can put in my kids’ lunches.


Frankly, I’m tired of the politics of “tolerance-of-everyone – except for people who disagree with us.” The left-wing rebels of the 1960’s have now become the establishment, and are squelching the very methods they themselves used to be heard, to express their dissatisfaction, and make the changes they wanted. 


I’m tired of listening to sniping remarks from people who, when confronted with FACTS, spout off, rant, rave, and shout, because they cannot debate logically since they have no leg upon which to stand.  I’m tired of righteous- indignance.  I’m tired of not being respected for having an opinion  with facts to back it up, just because my opinion may not be that of the media-majority at the moment.  I am tired of the politics-of-exclusion; that being: the excluded are the groups that are deemed unworthy, not politically correct enough, or not the trendy cause of celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford or Oliver Stone, and similar “well-credentialed”, media outlets who have annointed themselves as the social conscience for the world determining what we should eat, the music we listen to, the clothes we should wear, and the morals of the shows and movies we see,. Etc.    I am tired of those that are self-righteous and feel that they are “more civilized” than anyone else so therefore they think they have the right to impose their values as the only correct ones.


I am tired, and I am scared and have anxiety attacks now.  Each night when I put my head on my pillow, during those agitated moments before sleep comes and I stop thinking about what I have to do and where I have to be, those terrifying, panic-making fears find a  way to surface to my consciousness.


All their lives, I’ve taught my daughters to work hard because in this country they have the opportunities to be anything they want to be regardless of ethnicity, gender, or economic background.    But now, I have great fears about those opportunities disappearing because of the influence of extremists who have no respect for any lives other than their own.  I’m not just talking about the fears of the average parent that they will not get into the schools/programs that will help their future, or that there will not be money to pay for their needs. I am not talking about the fear that they might not get to be what they wanted when they grow up.


I fear they won’t be able to grow up at all.


My horrifying dreams are sounds of them screaming out “MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU???”  in terror and panic, and visions of them reaching out for me as they are being brutally taken from me, or tortured.

My nightmares are filled with sights of their hollow faces, emaciated bodies and tortured eyes.

My terrors are for their very survival merely because they were born into the Jewish faith and that they are now potentially seen by the world as expendable.



How well would you sleep if you lived in similar fears for your own children and saw THEIR faces in dreams like that?

Remember the holocaust.  It did happen.  It can happen again. This time It can happen to you.