Why do Ted Cruz Fans refuse to look at his character flaws?


In 2007  Barrack Husein Obama an energetic charismatic fresh new Candidate emerged for the Democrat Party. He was the party’s new hope for a better America, he had great speeches touting visions of repairing bipartition relations with the Republican Party.  Independents, Democrats and some Republicans were singing in the streets chanting his name, Schools were telling the children to get out and Vote for him while the media sent praises of grander on a daily basis labeling him as the new American Hero.  Now 7  years later with an Approval rating today at 25% and Trillions of new debt,  Americans  now are seeing for the first time the true picture of Barak Husein Obama  and what others were trying to warn of way back when. Why was it so hard for people to be told that Obama spent millions hiding his Harvard Law school Transcripts?

Trump Card 2

Here we are in 2015.. New Election around the corner, New hope and excitement!!   New candidates emerge, Donald Trump  billionaire the front runner. Conservative media revile him as a new type of America Hero because he will stand up to the Elite of the Republican establishment as well as Main Street Media. Hard to imagine Trump the Billionaire tycoon leading the Republican race when he has such flamboyant gift for late night twitter tongue lashings against anyone who would dare to tell his past allegiances in public or dare to call him out and ask “how will you pay for that Donald? Yet, Donald in the midst of beating all his opponents with ridicule and tweets, be-friends another young Candidate Ted R. Cruz. we notice this bond after Cruz asks for  a SECRET meeting with the Real Estate Tycoon.  One can only speculate what took place and this was not the first meeting between the two,  Prior to Cruz running for President he and Trump met yet in another secret meeting. which prompts Cruz to make the following announcement.

 “I will renounce any Canadian citizenship”

After speaking to Donald Trump about a possible run for the White House, Cruz admitted that he was born in Calgary, Canada. However, he told The Dallas Morning News that “I will renounce any Canadian citizenship. Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth and as a US senator I believe I should be only an American.”


What we see as a result of these meetings is a pact of Trump /Cruz  quietly avoiding each other, no negative comments/tweets about the others attempts to gain the front position, yet both candidates have no problem  going after other Republicans candidates, Trump goes after Ben Carson saying he is to low energy to be President,  Rubio drinks to much water,  Jeb Bush married a Hispanic and so on,  Cruz goes intently after Rubio saying he is too far left to be Conservative and fabricates stories about  Rubios  immigration policy.  Cruz  has shown he will criticize publicly other candidates even his good friend supposedly who he admired in public not more than a year ago, [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] ,


YET  he will not take aim at Donald Trump who is the party favorite front runner  at this time.  At the last Republican debate  Cruz states ” if I am elected I will get Donald to build the wall for me”, Donald says “and I will build it”


Cruz: ‘I’ll build a wall and have Trump pay for it’


So are we to believe that Donald will get all the work promised to him by Ted Rafael Cruz if he should win the Presidency? Did he promise Trump the job to build a wall if he should win? Isn’t  that promising something that is not his to give?  How Could Cruz promise such a large Contract to Trump if he should win?  Is that even ethical? And more important if  Donald Trump should win the nomination for himself he can get the wall built with out the help of Ted R. Cruz.  If Ted Rafael Cruz is trying to paint himself as not an establishment Republican would that statement go against his so called conservative Views?  Promising things not yet his to give ? Or should I say (if Donald lets him win?) Does Ted Rafael Cruz even believe there is a chance that Donald Trump will get the nomination?. Obviously by the statement below he does not.

Ted Rafael Cruz: Donald Trump Won’t Be GOP Nominee; I Will Take His Supporters

Ted Cruz: Donald won’t be the Nominee: I will take his supporters

What about  Donald Trump, Prior to entering the Race I had much respect for Donald as a business man and entertainer. He was funny and I enjoyed his tower facebook tweets every now and then, He made me laugh, I enjoyed him and respected him and as an entertainer I still do, But “Not someone I want as my President” ,  As a Republican candidate he is predicable, anyone who crosses him is the enemy.

Trumps base has been identified as liberals/democrats and Angry Republicans fueled by the conservative Media who is in awe of this Trump o mania for doing what the Conservative Media has always wished a candidate would do,  Stand up to the Main Street Media and Established Republicans. For that I give Trump KUDOS!  He has led a coalition to stand up against the MSM as they have taken advantage of Republicans  far to long. And Lets not forget the ratings that Donald brings in is not a bad thing either!!  They love that Donald and Cruz can go head to head with CNN, MSNBC , and other MSMs, as well as Washington Elites, however , one point is never mentioned, Although that is Trumps signature to push back on unfairness and what he does,  that is not the standard for Ted Rafael Cruz;  Prior to the Trump Media empowerment, Cruz was never outspoken when it came to MSM’s, He just went with the flow, Yes he would attack his own constituents but never the MSM as he feared they would attack him as they do others.  You will never see a clip of Cruz going after the MSM Media until After Donald Trump led the party on one of the first Republican Debates. It was shortly after when you see Cruz for the first time start to follow his footsteps of badgering the MSM even so much as to insist for more airtime at the December debate. I call it a Cruz Opportunist Moment.  Ted Takes on Trumps Personality towards the media and the audience loved it.

What about Ted? Ted Cruz’s fan base is made up of two categories , I have personally witnessed both!


One is angry conservatives who defend his name much in the same way the democrats chanted Obama in 2008. No matter what you tell the this angry Mob about Ted Rafiel Cruz, they refuse to listen, If you share any negative “Truth” with his followers ,  You are deemed a Liar, A liberal, a Hillary lover, A democrat plant,  A Socialist and all types of other Liberalism name calling.


The other is more of a  Christian Conservative Base –  Still a bit Angry over Some Republicans not filling their roles in office.   They  believe Cruz is the answer to bringing all Guilty and Rino Republicans to the chopping block to be Crucified in public or worse tarred feathered and fired!  These Republican conservatives are a bit more pleasant to deal with but very strong in belief of Ted Rafael Cruz and how he will change Americas hell into a heaven on earth. Yet if you listen long enough you hear the same false information being shared between followers. They are very quick with bashing another Candidate, they want you to believe they have all the answers and yes Cruz is the savior they have been waiting for. They fail to mention that most of the info they are sharing is false, or stolen by the Cruz Campaign and they never mention that Teds Views have changed to fit what ever the momentum is.  So its very hard to take any followers of Ted Rafael Cruz seriously.

Many  on Facebook and twitter have used  block as it is an important part of shutting them down quick the relentless Cruz-ettes. For myself I feel at times they are like robots repeating something that has been implanted in the mind over and over again, like something out of a horror flick ,”the Stepford followers” If you do not adhere to what these Christians have to say, you are than given the not so nice tongue lashing that the angry followers have a gift for.

So what do we really know about Ted Rafael Cruz? We know Cruz was a former Attorney he graduated from Harvard Law School , he worked for former  President George W. Bush , what does Bush feel about Ted Rafael Cruz? He speaks for himself.


It’s George W. Bush’s former employee — [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].
“I just don’t like the guy,” Bush said Sunday night, according to conversations with more than half a dozen donors who attended the event. One donor, paraphrasing the former president’s comment in response to a broad question about how he viewed the primary race and the other Republican candidates, said: “He said he found it ‘opportunistic’ that Cruz was sucking up to Trump and just expecting all of his support to come to him in the end,” that donor added.
George W. Bush is well acquainted with his home-state senator, who served as a domestic policy adviser on his 2000 campaign before rising to national prominence by distancing himself from — and often going out of his way to antagonize — the GOP establishment. In his book published earlier this year, Cruz ripped Bush’s record, criticizing elements of his foreign policy and faulting the administration for enabling “bigger government and excessive spending and new entitlements.” Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/jeb-bush-george-bush-donors-ted-cruz-214933#ixzz3vpI6XqGZ


Is Ted Rafael Cruz  just an another self fulfilling opportunist like obama was?  Using Trump to gain access to Washington? Sure he is, Could he have another hidden agenda we do not yet know? Does he believe by friending Donald Trump prior and during his run for President he hopes to take Trumps base and the Conservative base to the white house?.  The facts are facts!  What we see is Ted Rafael Cruz trying to be everything anyone wants him to be when you want him to be, Media confronter at the debate following Donald’s lead, Funny and witty, odd as it gets he plays Homer Simpson in front of millions, Angry at Republicans at Senate meeting calling out Liars,  Everything to everyone  accept for one missing component  “Electable”. Ted Rafael Cruz is not Electable.  He is not appealing to Americas Majority of Republicans and Independents nor His own Republican comrades at the senate, No Political endorsements??

Why could that be? Who could possibly not believe Ted Cruz is anything but honest? The base even made a new name for Cruz, #‎ TrusTED‬  , Why do they have to come up with a name that says Trust Ted If he was already trustworthy?? because unlike Obama was to his base,  Ted Rafael Cruz is a VERY  bad Actor and he lies, his base must cover for him on his many miss-spoken statements, from defending his previous positions, his flip flopping, They must go to the depths to defend his not so good honor if they want him to be the Republican Candidate and his not so good factual truth telling is coming forward to haunt him. At his last debate he was fact checked and 90 percent of his comments were false? SO how can you be called TRUSTED if he is anything but HONEST????  well he must be honest Family Radio endorsed him? Family Radio also endorses Rick Santorum in 2012? That means nothing anymore, What ever the reason, I am sure if he had the facts he would rethink that endorsement as many of us rethink his entire candidacy full of lies and misrepresentations.

http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/dec/18/ted-cruz/cruz-muddles-accusation-against-rubios-immigration/   FACT CHECK- FALSE

One of the most troubling aspects of the Rubio-Schumer Gang of Eight bill was that it gave President Obama blanket authority to admit refugees, including Syrian refugees, without mandating any background checks whatsoever.”on Tuesday, by CRUZ  December 15th, 2015 in a Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas

The Conservative base that follows Trump and Cruz  know they can not support Donald and his previous liberal and Democrat views as the nominee but they can possibly have the cake with  icing in his newest friendship with Ted Rafael Cruz. They get both for the price of one Candidate. However even that relationship may be showing signs of breakup, recently the Washington has stated the Love affair of Trump and Conservative Media may be coming to an end.

Quote” Donald Trump loves to criticize the “failing” New York Times, “dishonest” Politico and the “Obama network,” NBC. His attacks on the media resonate with his supporters, and he probably figures he stands to lose little if his nastygrams lead to negative coverage. Most conservatives don’t trust the Times, Politico and NBC — or the rest of the mainstream press — anyway, according to the Pew Research Center.

But conservatives do trust talk radio stars like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Getting on their bad side could be more problematic, and right now Trump appears to be falling out of favor with one of the few segments of the media that carries real weight within his party’s base.


And is Trump falling out of love with the Cruz/Trump Duo himself?   Is he tired of Cruz hanging onto his coat tails whispering behind his back trying to steal his base and move forward since in his own words “Donald will not win and I will take his base? ”

Well this short clip says yes it could be? Although Cruz comes back with a tweet saying the Establishment did it.. I didn’t do it, I am sorry.. Wimpy  IF Cruz does not follow by Trump rules he will give him a well known tongue lashing and according to Trump it will hurt him badly!. so what is it he has on Cruz? Or will we ever know?


Does the conservative Cruz/Trump Base truly believe  this odd duo will together bring forward the agenda for the Conservative Movement in some magical mystical way?


IF they believe that they must also understand as long as Donald holds the Trump Card and make no mistake he does, Nothing will be done by Ted Rafael Cruz that is not allowed by Donald Trump and if he tries to show his weight around the Donald will real him on national Television and he will be the quirky ruined

 “I am a very, very proud wacko bird”  Ted Rafael Cruz

PUPPET overnight …


People are growing Tired of these childish games between Trump and Cruz!

Many have grown weary and worried for the Republican Party, this  Trump show with side kick Cruz is not good for this Countries already Negative Image and many are no longer buying into the TRUMP – CRUZ United front.  There are those of us looking at candidates who have backbone and the knowledge to get the job done solo with out leaning on a  Crutch such as Donald Trump to get them to the top.  Many like myself  are looking at Candidates like Marco Rubio who are going the distance boldly with humility, honor and a fresh message of a better America with a Plan to back it up, Not someone else’s Plan as Cruz touts Rick Perrys Tax plan and Rubios Immigration Plan, but his own Plan!

A candidate who is made up of the American dream if you want to achieve anything in this life you can . If you want to be successful in Business you can be, if you want to be President one day YES You can be, He is not leaning on Billionaire Trumps shirt tails , he is going at it alone, full bore and with charisma, intelligence and honor. Conservative Marco Rubio  does not Disrespect other candidates he states the facts as they are. he is a fresh clean face in Politics and I am looking at him as my candidate because unlike Obama he truly wants to unite our broken war torn country from the inside  and bring back real bipartisan to both parties. I believe Marco Rubio is that candidate and yes he will deliver to us the  New American Century promised us but never delivered….