Governor Rick Perry - A Man after Gods own heart

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells prayer rally: ‘Our heart breaks for America’


Switching channels in the Oklahoma territory is a common practice for anyone who travels the road from I44 to I40 , The first time I ever heard mention of Governor Rick Perry was from a Radio Station commercial that stated the Governor of Texas was invited to speak at a large 20 thousand people Prayer Rally in Texas , although they were more interested that he was being sued for attending than the gathering itself.  The separation from church and state lobbyists were already in full affect ready to pounce on this event should the Governor attend.  It was a relatively short message yet the fact that a Governor today would go to a Prayer rally quickly peaked my interests.  It is just not something Politicians do today in a world full of politically correct non-God fearing men .

More so than any other time in history todays politicians are turning people away from the word of God, removing ten commandments , prayer in schools and even Christmas plays that use to be a fun family event have since been removed due to offending other religions who came to this country to get freedom from oppression of their respective countries. Surly this was a mistake.  I must of heard wrong.  After I returned home Later that evening I goggled the prayer rally in Texas sure enough to my surprise the prayer event was the following Saturday and yes Governor Rick Perry was going to a Prayer rally with over 24 thousand people scheduled to attend and after diligent searching to locate a station that covered the event on Saturday Aug 6th, 2011, I heard a message that touched my heart forever more.

At the Rally Governor Rick Perry read three portions of scripture and asked for prayers for the nation, President Obama,  the military, and military families. Frequently choking back tears, Perry addressed “discord at home,” saying “our heart breaks for America.… We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government and as a nation, we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, blesses us, and for that we cry out for your forgiveness.” The Prayer Rally lasted for 7 hours.



About the heart of the man – A fifth-generation Texan,  Rick Perry grew up in Haskell County, Texas to Cotton farmers, he was raised on a farm in a small town called Paint Creek Texas, his parents were both Christians his dad fought in WW2.  Rick Perry went to Paint Creek High School, where the school motto reads “No dream too Tall for a School So Small” He was brought up with the same strong Christian values that were adopted by the founding founders of America. Rick Perry was A Methodist who also attended a Baptist church in Paint Creek Texas 40 miles (64 km) north of Abilene. A town where in 2009. 324 people resided.  Perry’s ancestry is almost entirely English, dating as far back as the original Thirteen Colonies. His family has been in Texas since before the Texas Revolution.



This Faith and Freedom Rally is not the first event where Gov Rick Perry went public with his strong American home grown convictions . Nor was it to be the last. Saturday  August 29th, 2015 , Rick Perry attended a Pro Faith Rally in South Carolina along with Rep Bobby Jindal and Rep Ted-Cruz.  Rick Perry gave a stellar speech on the corruption of Washington!  Perry said America needed someone to end the Crony capitalism with the back bone to go to Washington to over turn the tables using the example as Jesus did when he saw coruption in the temple. Rick Perry knows Washington is full of greed and many are in it for money and power, power over the people. He said Washington is out of control!! IF he were President under his leadership it will cease, he said a leader with his experience can turn the Country around where we can again see a Prosperous Safer America. I have no doubt with his record of accomplishments A who’s who of Experiences he would do just that.

It was no secret to any that knew him he was a man of strong faith. Rick Perry while Governor of Texas promoted legislation that adopted social and conservative values.  Rick Perry fully advocated for and supported religious prayer in public schools.  He was no friend to Planned Parenthood, continually closing down Planned Parenthood facilities in Texas with little regard to the political ramifications it may have from Planned Parenthoods most influential supporter the “Federal Government.”  Rick Perry said at the SC Pro Family Rally our heritage is from the Judio Christian values that America was founded on.  An exert from American thinker.

Our Founding Fathers separated church from state, but they wisely did not separate God from state; they acknowledged God as the source of our rights, and, in fact, they were careful to place Biblical morality directly into our founding documents and laws, and into our values and culture precisely to help prevent a future of totalitarian or tyrannical rule in America.  The combination of keeping Judeo-Christian religious morality in the state, as opposed to the church it’s self; and, additionally, setting up our laws based on reason and common sense has contributed to the American Character, and to what is known as “American Exceptionalism.” 

Rick Perry knew those values in his walk in life and used it in his Reign as Governor from 2000- 2014. where he was the longest serving Governor of Texas, He worked for the people, he continued his battles with Washington as their encroachment into the states to secure more power for the federal Government crept in to Texas.  Perry fought injustices from Washington fueled by Obama’s Constant Executive hierarchy at every risen opportunity. Rick Perry is a leader who believes in the depths of his soul he works for the People who elected him not the other way around as is done in Washington Today, He is humble yet firm, he is fair yet he will never shy  from controversy when he knows he is in the right! He goes against the Washington Establishment for the will of the people.  I have been honored to meet many Texans who know this man personally and all of them even those who are not supporting him only have this to say, he is a great honorable man!

I personally know this now first hand, after this great Rally I supported his candidacy in 2012 only to have it short lived due to factors few of us knew. Rick Perry entered the 2012 race shortly after having back surgery only 2.5 weeks prior. For anyone who has ever had major back surgery the healing time is months with repeated physical therapy needed-required . The pain must of been excruciating and he slipped at his presidential debate in front of millions, he fell hard as other candidates and media pounced on a moment he had where he could not collect his train of thoughts and remember the three agency’s he would abolish, He never complained or told anyone the reason because he is a man of pride his humble nature let the chips fall as they may and he went back to Texas as Governor.

It was much later when many of us who supported him found out about his surgery, We could not understand the change in behaviors from what we knew to be the mans Iron Clad characteristics of leadership, Everyone and anyone who knew Gov. Perry  personally could not figure out the change from Governor of Texas to Presidential Candidate until it was much much to late as he had quit the race in January as abruptly as he went in to the race.

2012-05-02-Capitol-LtDeemsMcKee-6        myson

In may of 2012 I went to Visit Rick Perry in Texas with my son and 3 grandsons, my son was going to Korea in a few weeks he was stationed in South Korea with the Army. He was just promoted to second  lieutenant . My son lived in Killeen Texas with my daughter in law and two grandsons, I thought it would be a great surprise for him to meet his Governor and set it up to present to him a USA flag to take to Korea with him. It was a great day for all, It was greater than I had imagined with  so much to say to him that I could barely speak when the time had come. Everything was true, he was very genuine, a heart felt human being who looked right at you, he talked to you as a normal human being would talk, Rick Perry was nothing like a typical stereotype Governor we would read or hear about on the news from time to time. He gave my grandsons and son and I a visit we will hold dear forever, than presented him with the USA Flag,

Rick Perry’s  love for America is an inspiration to all the know him. He is a true patriot to the Republican party, The loss in 2012 gave us 4 more years with Obama Care, the Iran deal, TPA and Gay marriage as a law of the Land.  Rick Perry is running for President a new year, a new man, completely well and at his full potential yet he can not seem to get out of the starting gate. The Candidate with the most experienced Record of accomplishments that loves Country and God has not had a chance to even start yet their are those who say he is already done. Is it because we as a Country hold this grudge against him for failing in 2012 over a physical ailment?  Or is that what we have became, a nation who can not forgive? Or could it be we simply do not want a Government that is of God or a President that is a man after Gods own heart?

I want a leader who is after Gods own heart in a lawless America, Goverrment is not the only thing out of control.  Crime is on the rise in every state in every Country, Policeman getting shot while standing at a gas pump, Riots are out of control when the robber is the victim and the police are now the perpetrators.  We have so much violence in America today, and yes we have a Government out of Control in every way possible. We need a President that will stop this lawlessness in Americas towns , borders, Schools , Churches and Shopping Malls.  Rick Perry is a  man who has done it, he will turn over the tables in Washington and remove the Money changers called Washington Elites,  Rick Perry will limit Government, stop the encroachments, hold accountable Planned parent hood for murdering innocent children, he will secure our Borders, and return the POWER to the PEOPLE,  That is who I want for a president, YES! YES! YES!  TO a man who is after Gods own Heart.

Rick Perry for President.


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