The American dream! Donald Trump? Jimmy Carter ?


In 1976 Like many students I was full of excitement for the future to unfold,  Many students who recently graduated from college wanted a part of the American dream everyone bragged  about while growing up, My president at that time was newly elected Jimmy Carter an inspiring democrat 2 term senator , successful  Peanut farmer and Governor of Georgia, who was best known for his integration from segregation but not well known for running an Economy as large as the United States.   Carter won the Nomination defeating incumbent president Gerald Ford in a very close election,  From the article  http://millercenter.org/president/biography/reagan-campaigns-and-elections

quote “Gerald Ford entered  the race with the endorsement of almost the entire party political establishment , a longtime friend of Reagan -Paul Laxalt of Nevada, was the only U.S. senator to back him against Ford. But Ronald Reagan was a hero to conservatives, and he lacked the political baggage of having been part of a Washington establishment that been discredited by the interlocking traumas of Watergate and the Vietnam War. Reagan’s strategists believed that if he scored a quick victory in the first primary of New Hampshire, support for Ford would evaporate. But Ford’s strategists seized on a speech Reagan had made in September 1975 in which he said the federal government could reduce spending by $90 billion by allowing state governments to assume responsibility for various federal programs, Ford contended that the Reagan plan would give states a choice of bankruptcy or raising taxes. Ronald Reagan lost the race by a very narrow margin” end quote.

Reagan made a short come back but preventably lost the race to Ford. Us young adults were fresh out of college excited for life to unfold , Having lived in California I first hand saw the successful fruits of Governor Reagan’s Policy’s in action while my family else where in the U.S. saw a reverse affect. In California, Jobs were plentiful, Not so much in Illinois. In California we were never wanting yet that did not stop the rest of the country from falling flat in Jobs under the Jimmy Carter reign. But as many young families struggled they never lost hope , many kept pushing forward towards that American dream only to be side slapped at every turn with pains of reality,  Yes the housing market was ripe , homes were a dime a dozen, Yet due to an inexperienced Presidents policy’s many American home owners now faced a 21% interest rate. Times got relatively tougher and tougher through those  years of Carter, Gas shortages, soaring interest rates.  Carter had over spent  , America was failing with no hope in sight and after the continual rise of the FHA arm many people lost their homes and their American dreams along with them.

reaganA new Dawn on the horizon. Governor Ronald Reagan!

The next election of 1980 could not come soon enough, people were very angry, much like they are today that America had allowed a Man like Carter to be President.  America was ready for a change, they wanted a President who had more experience in leading a State this time around, the wounds of Carter were deep in the hearts of Americans.  Ronald Reagan was Governor of California the state with the largest population, he was Governor from 1967 -1975 , his record became facts , his policy’s became stepping stones and he won the 1980 Election in a land slide, and again in 1984 Reagan Wins By a Landslide, Sweeping at Least 48 States …  Yet 1980 was not his first attempt at the Presidency , he also ran for President in 1968 and 1976,  he never gave up on America.  President Ronald Reagan  made the American dream much more attainable. Interest rates fell quickly, owning a home was again a reality and job markets soared. Reagan was a leader that inspired people. He inspired me. He gave back our lost hopes, he worked with businesses to create a work-friendly environment. Businesses flourished under his leadership but not just for California for the whole Country.  He limited Government outreach that Carter had placed on businesses. Work was again plentiful, gas prices were reasonable and there was plenty of it. That was the best eight years I can remember for Americans living the American dream.

Today we as Americans have an opposite issue. Although interest rates are reasonably low the jobs to secure a mortgage have long since vanished along with many young students hope of their own American Dream. In 2008 an inexperienced, junior democrat senator was given a huge task that he was unequipped to handle as our President and the country again suffering a soaring downward spin. Jobs have been lost, businesses have closed or are unable to expand, Government outreach is suffocating business owners more than ever before. Our Debt has risen to the highest in history of the United States.  And Here we come again in 2015 , a new election process has just began with 17 new Republican Candidates running with wide ranges of experiences from Surgeons, to Business women, to junior senators, Governors and Real Estate Tycoons, we as a Country , a  Nation must look very  closely at all Candidates records so we do not repeat yesterdays mistakes.  Many young, excited College students graduate by the thousands full of promise for a new better life only to find a dried economy starving their hopes and dreams. How could America with all its strengths allow this to happen?  We have been reduced from a triple AAA credit rating to below an AA credit rating while our children suffer the inflation burden of a president who has no idea of the value of a $1.00 bill or the intelligence to know that you do not spend more than you bring in. Those are the basics we teach our young children before we send them out to the real world and yet we elected a President to run our country that can not do that simple task.

Yes We are at the dawn of a new election and again we wait for that promise of who it will be to change the course of our history yet once again. I have lived the American dream I have seen the world from starry eyes as a young teen to the now more surreal view of a mature adult. Who now will build our children’s and grand children’s dreams so they of tomorrow may seek what we now as adults have already been privy to?


Yes, I support Rick Perry because Rick Perry is doing in 2015 what Governor Reagan did in 1979,  He is running for President on an accomplished  RECORD of a successful Governor of one of the largest Economy in America. Our students, our children and our grandchildren deserve to look to the future with the same starry eyes that years ago I looked through in hopes for a better promising future. It is not too late to ensure we do not make the same mistake of 2008 or the same mistake in 1976 where promises made were just as empty as the pockets of the American work force, because an inexperienced junior senator did not know how to grow an economy or run a country. We can blame the left, we can blame Washington bureaucrats or newly elected senators but truth be told we let ourselves down. Some say we will not be able to reverse the damage done by our current President yet there are some candidates who show hope and promise that we can and will change our downward course. We are now trillions of dollars more in debt. A debt our children’s children will have to carry unless we can dwindle it away with an Experienced Leader one who has proof he can do this job and do it well. Rick Perry led a state with over 35 million people, the 2nd in the United states, He was able to add a billion dollar positive surplus to the bottom line while the rest of the United States fell flat or well below. Rick Perry created 1.2 million jobs for our economy and if it were not for Texas and Governor Rick Perry our entire nation would have lost 400 thousand jobs.

in Closing folks. We have to know this in our heart of hearts. “American President” is not a Game, nor is it a Reality TV series, we have to be better than ever before at our choices, With Iran allowed to have nuclear weapons,  Israel fearing for their existence,  Now is not the time to play “Can America survive a  junior Candidate”   Or can Donald Trump play Reality TV with our future generations lives or their American dreams? Yes, Donald Trump is full of flaring ambiance of fine dining but the truth of the matter with his  4 times  bankruptcy he has proven he can not run his own finances. As a Country we can not afford to make bad choices with Americas 18.2 trillion dollar debt!  America can not take risks today, we are out of time with to much to loose. We expect our Washington republicans to be tough and do the right thing by us and we are mad as hell today because they do not. Well folks the truth of it is, who are we really upset with?

We as a Country allowed this to happen yet we get mad when they do not change what we as Americans voted for in a Candidate? Is it Washington who is totally at fault or do we carry some of that burden on ourselves for who we allowed to be elected?

No one likes blame but if we seriously look in the mirror as a nation we will see a truer reflection of what happened to our Country, we will see our selves standing in that mirror. We did not thoroughly vet these past candidates to insure they were fit to run this Country, we let our anger be directed toward others, we let fancy campaigns woo our thought processes, we did not make sound choices,  that is the facts!!  Some did not even vote. Now, in 2015 my worst fear is becoming a reality , I see it happening again in this early election process. Media has gone mad for some candidates, Conservatives have ditched conservatism to run after the hypes of candidates fancy chocolates and fine array of witty commercial rhetoric. Some Americans are looking at doctors, business men and women as if they can some how wave a wand and all troubles be made new, They eagerly await to see who can come up with the biggest fairytale watching candidates weaving plans through and through like a quilt maker on an empty sewing machine. My mind races back to Jimmy Carters Election people yelling in streets this is the man that can save us, he will tell Washington what we want. Things will be made better again, but it wasn’t and it did not get better. He was incapable of knowing how to make a Country as big as the U.S. fit in the small state of Georgia. He was not equipped with the experience to run A Country and he failed or did we fail?

We can not do this again in 2016,  We have to make a different choice in our next election,  We must stop blaming all the troubles on others when we as Americans are part of the problem based on our poor choices. We do not get many more chances here folks . I believed in Ronald Reagan in 1980 and again in 1984, Today I believe  in Rick Perry for 2016, they are different candidates in different years but much the same in how they Govern. Look at candidates with different glasses and see who will deliver based on factual experiences not on empty promises of 1975 and 2008. Experience MUST Matter! Rick Perry is not a fancy talker, he is not a billionaire who swoops down in  a helicopter to give children rides at the Iowa State Fair, He is just a man who has the experience Ronald Reagan had in 1980, Rick Perry like Ronald knows how to get our Country back on track. , not from hopes but from experience. he Like Ronald Reagan was not a Washington insider, he  like Ronald Reagan wants a smaller less intrusive Government and he like Ronald Reagan wants our kids  our future generations to have the American dream we had. Rick Perry will get America working again, Rick Perry will handle our 18.2 trillion dollar debt problem, he has done it as Ronald Reagan had done it, Rick Perry can insure our future generations get a piece of that American Dream. Keep a weather eye on the Horizon as we have better days ahead with Rick Perry for President!

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