What will it take to Win in November?

  The American people put the smack down Tuesday on Washington’s flagrant disregard for the average Joe. So what will it take to win the mid-terms this November? Unfortunately for the Republicans it will take more than just being Republican.

American is looking for true leaders at this point. We’ve heard all the promises and seen the outcome of voting to impress the historians. Now it’s time for real leaders. 

  When President Obama promised to change Washington there were several things that most people assumed that meant, none of which ever realized. They are in no specific order (1) do away with the old boys network and business as usual arrogance so typical of Washington politics (2) reduce the waste and pork so prevalent in most legislation (3) work across the isle to find common ground and usher in a new era of positive politics that produces real solutions for America.

  So here we are with ongoing unemployment, no end to the housing crisis and the banks asking for another bailout. It is not stretching things to say what they have done so far is not working so good.

  So what will thia upcoming election cycle look like? I think we’ll see candidates promoting physical repsonsibility and common sense politics, true reforms in the way we govern in Washington and redefining what is pork and what is proper when it comes to needed projects.