Teaching Creationism

More and more school districts lately are prohibiting the teaching of ‘creationism,’ that is, the teaching that humanity is volitionally created by God. They are limiting the description of life’s origins to expositions of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

I wonder then, is the teaching of the traditional wisdom “All men are created equal,” the phrase used by Jefferson in the preamble to the Constitution, likewise to be banned, as the phrase conveys a proposition that clearly relies upon creationism?

Why do I say that it relies upon creationism? Wouldn’t the statement be equally true if it were “All men are evolved equally”? Well no. It wouldn’t. Evolution is necessarily selective. If the outcome of evolution were equality, then evolution would not explain the origin of species.

An atheist/relativist who postulates the equality of evolutionarily divergent men would have to begin with the proposition that men are not equal, but that it is a governmental responsibility to make them so. That equality is a long term goal of legislative activity, something the Liberals and Democrats and the Departments of Education and Justice just HAVE to accomplish. Sometimes I think they see it that way. If you have no God, then government is your highest authority.

Men are not apparently equal. On the contrary, each man and woman is rather apparently unique, with different talents and abilities, the end product of a divergent evolution. It is only when their common creation by a loving God in his own image and likeness is postulated that men can be equal in fact and in truth.  Men are equal in that they are equally children of their Creator, equal in the human dignity that God’s creation confers upon them.

But if the teaching of creationism is prohibited, there is then no basis at all for invoking the equality of men because equality cannot be found in Darwin’s science. And you can be sure that the equality of men will be no where to be found when God’s creation is denied and the athestic/relativistic state creates ‘equality.’