2012 GOP Primary Madness, Round 1

I operate a political blog based out of Oklahoma – www.MuskogeePolitico.com. I mainly cover state politics, but often delve into national and international issues, music, and other news and events.

Today, I launched MuskogeePolitico.com’s 2012 GOP Primary Madness, featuring 32 Republican “candidates” for President, in a March-Madness format. Voting began at noon on the first round, and will continue through Thursday. Each round will take approximately four days, and the entire Primary Madness will conclude on March 31st.

Candidates are split into four “divisions”, and are listed below:

Division ‘A’
1. Sarah Palin vs. 8. Jimmy McMillan
4. Michele Bachmann vs. 5. Eric Cantor
3. Rick Perry vs. 6. Jan Brewer
2. Tim Pawlenty vs. 7. Scott Walker

Division ‘B’
1. Mitt Romney vs. 8. Fred Karger
4. Donald Trump vs. 5. Marco Rubio
3. John Thune vs. 6. George Pataki
2. Mitch Daniels vs. 7. Rick Santorum

Division ‘C’
1. Mike Huckabee vs. 8. Buddy Roemer
4. Herman Cain vs. 5. Paul Ryan
3. Chris Christie vs. 6. Bob McDonnell
2. Haley Barbour vs. 7. Allen West

Division ‘D’
1. Newt Gingrich vs. 8. Steve King
4. Bobby Jindal vs. Jon Huntsman
3. Jim DeMint vs. 6. Gary Johnson
2. Rudy Giuliani vs. 7. John Bolton

You can go here and begin voting!