Maryland Wins - O'Malley and the Illegals LOSE, for now

From Examiner.com

Thursday June 30, 2011 was a great day for Maryland and a victory patriots everywhere can celebrate . A small group of determined activists, led by newly-minted tea party Delegate Neil Parrott, managed to overcome Maryland’s legendary corruption and a thuggish illegal immigrant lobby to win a petition drive that will put Maryland’s in-state tuition for illegals DREAM Act to a vote.

With intense lobbying from open borders advocates, the DREAM Act passed the Maryland legislature in April. A petition drive was launched almost immediately to stall implementation and put the measure to referendum in the 2012 elections.

Petitioners turned in over 134,000 signatures in two months time, way more than the 55,736 necessary. 74,980 of these were turned in yesterday, and over 47,000 had already been certified. For now at least, the law will not take effect as it was scheduled to do when the fiscal year begins on July 1st. This was a bi-partisan effort. about 30 percent of the petitions were signed by democrats. In Baltimore City it was 56 percent! Karl Rove, are you listening? If you ever needed convincing that taking a stand on illegal immigration is a winning issue, there you have it.

While we still have to deal with an Obama-driven recession, at least Maryland taxpayers will, for the time being, be spared the additional cost and moral outrage of seeing illegals attend college in preference to their own children.

The Maryland Board of Elections has until July 20th to certify all the petitions. It is difficult to imagine them disqualifying 60 percent of the petitions, which is what they would have to do.

More Trouble on the Horizon

But we are not completely out of the woods yet. An earlier post discussed how the illegal immigrant protest group CASA de Maryland was to receive copies of all the petitions, and had in fact already received the names and addresses of signers whose petitions had been certified to that point.

It has now been learned that the petitions were actually turned over to former DNC General Counsel Joseph E. Sandler. Sandler is now a hit-lawyer for the left, responsible for a laundry list of legal attacks on conservatives. Sandler threatened to sue Fox News’ Glenn Beck, for calling admitted communist Van Jones a communist, Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer for telling the truth about the Council for American Islamic Relations – front group for the Muslim Brotherhood – Free Republic and others for speaking truths embarrassing to the Left.

He has wimped out on these, by the way. The purpose however, is not necessarily to win suits, but to intimidate, for after all, that, along with vote fraud and lies, has become the Democrats’ entire gameplan, in one form or another. They have nothing else.

It was revealed this morning that not only did Sandler recieve all of the certified petitions, he has also requested copies of all communications between the Board of Elections, Neil Parrot and various other people and organizations engaged in the petition drive.

It is still difficult to see how they could invalidate some 78,000 petitions, or otherwise overturn the results of this petition drive.  Merely to attempt it will create serious ill-will for the Democrats, even in this dark blue state. But as they have repeatedly shown, there is nothing too sleazy, too immoral, or even  illegal, for them to attempt in their never-ending obsession with power – if they can get away with it. Sandler will doubtless leave no stone unturned in his quest to find some pretext to invalidate the entire thing.

It is a disgraceful comment on the depth to which these people have sunk, that we have to get 134,000 votes to assure that 55,000 will pass muster. It is a sorry statement on our state of affairs that winning is not winning even when you have clearly, unmistakably won.  It is a sorry state of affairs that when dealing with the Democrat political machine on virtually any matter these days, one can expect straight forward truth to be tossed to the wind as they seek any pretext to derail their loss.

It bears repeating that it is now common knowledge that to win closely contested elections, Republicans must plan to collect a minimum of 5 to 10 percent more votes than needed, just to overcome anticipated vote fraud. We can expect much more of this in the upcoming 2012 election, which will likely determine the fate of our country.

Our temporary victory here is yet another demonstration of We the People finding our voice, and it is a huge morale boost. And this heroic feat was accomplished without benefit of George Soros billions, or even a modest endowment of any kind.

But the actual referendum has not been voted on. This happens in 2012, and the Left will move mountains to discredit Maryland voters’ choice on this issue. There is yet much work to do. Help Neil Parrott’s fledgling organization recoup their costs, fight the David vs Goliath battle with Democrat lawyers likely on the way, and  to ultimately win the referendum in 2012.