Miami Herald Reviews V, Can't Resist Obscene Reference

Once, just once I’d love to see someone in the Downstream Media speak of Tea Party Protestors without making a disgusting sexual reference.

Somehow, it’s perfectly fine to refer to those of us who are appalled at The Light-Bringer’s “apre moi, le deluge” use of taxpayer funds on whatever his pretty little head can conceive, in a manner any decent person, regardless of politics, would condemn without question.

For some background, ABC tonight begins a miniseries called V, a remake of the NBC miniseries from the 1980s.  The plot centers around human-looking aliens, referred to as Vs for Visitors, whose ships suddenly appear in the skies of most world cities and proclaim that they will solve all of our problems and provide us with their advanced technology and ask nothing in return.  In the original, it becomes very clear that these aliens are quite warlike and decidedly non-human, feasting on little bunnies and desiring to conquer the Earth.

The update supposedly leaves much of the original plot structure in place, with the added, and I must say welcome, spin of the Vs as media darlings and proponents of universal health care, solvers of all problems and resolvers of international conflict.

Sounding familiar?  It gets better.

There are humans who don’t trust them, who question their origins and their purposes, and who actively resist them.  They are considered terrorists.  The Catholic Church is seen as embracing them, with one priest resisting the call from Rome to welcome them as God’s creatures – and, as quoted in the Herald article, rebukes them, saying “Rattlesnakes are God’s creatures, too.”

They bring hope and change.  They are masters of the MSM (from a frequently-running trailer for the show: a reporter asks, “So, where shall we begin?” and the V leader, Anna, replies, “Just don’t ask anything which would paint us in a bad light.”  to which the reporter (Scott Wolf) replies “Excuse me?”).  Their true purposes are hidden, their origins cloaked in secrecy.

This sounds too good to be true – ABC embracing conservative fiction?  I’m sold.

Trailer (YouTube)