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Apologies in advance if this is not the correct forum to pose this thought/question/concern… First post and all….

I’ve reflected on all that’s going on with czar’s, O’s broken promises, unconstitutional take over of private businesses, “health” “care” “reform”, eligibility, Dem party infighting, the RCP Congress poll giving Repubs the overall edge, and so on… I’ve tried to get the sum total of all that’s happened in one year and pose the following two questions:

Supposing Conservatives experience a resurgence as America awakens, will they finally go on the offensive to squash the socialist lefties just a vehemently as the Socialists have tried to marginalize the Republicans? Or will it be, “whew! that was a close one… beat ’em back a bit and enjoy our freedom and celebrate our democracy… (I can hear it now: ‘See? The system works! Power to the People!!!!’)”? Have we internalized and fully understood how close we were (or are) to losing everything that is dear to us? And if we are able to wrest control once more, will we work as feverishly as the Dems have to push their ideals, to build OUR case for liberty, conservatism and Constitution-centered government?

Question two: If there is a backlash against this administration, regardless of the eligibility issue, is there a way to reverse the damage caused by “health” “care” “reform” (assuming it’s passed in the next year)? Or, the Copenhagen trip next month? What is the extent of our (we the people’s) powers?

Put another way, this Country sorely needs a mulligan… I’m just wondering how feasible is it when all is said and done? And will we have the ‘nads to fight hard to ensure this brush with everything that is anti-American never happens again?

Dying to hear what all the very smart people around have to say about it. I’ve learned a lot lurking around…