Palin endorses Ayotte, but not Jennifer Horn

Dear Ms Palin:  You’ve endorsed your fellow “mama grizzly” Kelly Ayotte, which I understand and respect.  However, you’ve received much criticism, and even ridicule from the Manchester Union Leader.  Kelly’s not catching on as much as she can because she was John Cornyn’s anointed candidate, with all the K Street fundraisers.

You may see Kelly as the best candidate to block “intellectual liberal” Bill Binnie.  However, this race also has two other conservative candidates:  Jim Bender, who, while not pro-life, would have rejected Sonia Sotomayor (unlike Ayotte) and Ovide Lamontagne, who has a 25 year track record of conservative stances, and who I am personally supporting.
There’s also a race going on in NH-2 for Congress.  Three candidates are running:  Charlie Bass, a socially liberal, big spending, pro-cap-and-trade member of Congress swept out in the 2006 tide, Bob Giuda, a staunch conservative who hasn’t caught on beyond the Ron Paul crowd, and Jennifer Horn, 2008’s GOP candidate.  Jennifer is a fiscal and social conservative, who is extremely articulate and personable, and who has the proven ability to relate to both primary and general election voters.
I would argue that you have a far more clear-cut case for endorsing Jennifer Horn than you did for Kelly Ayotte.  Jennifer’s chief opponent was part of the so-called Republican Main Street partnership, which got funds from George Soros.  Jennifer also has another right-leaning candidate in her primary (Bob Giuda), so right now there are two conservatives running against one RINO.  Endorsing Jennifer would energize the base against Charlie Bass, and perhaps also prevent Bob from splitting the conservative vote come September 14th.  She will likely
I urge you to check out jenniferhorn.org, and reach out to her assuming you already haven’t done so, and provide her your endorsement.
–James McCloskey (Manchester, NH)