Political War And Leftist Polling=PPP Ohio

Americans need to realize that leftists have declared political war. Their desire is to “change” America. The battleground is now Ohio. Now Real Clear Polling (so called) is listing this Democratic leaning polling company as a legitimate pollster in the general election. As a disclaimer PPP is generally a decent pollster in the primaries. But in the general election, this pollster is highly partisan and creates the circumstances to show Obama is ahead and the implication that he will win..  These partisan pissant hacks are included  in the RCP average of polls. Not only is their poll corrupt-the Real Clear Politics average of polls is polluted with PPP, NBC and CNN polls. A calculated and deliberate liberal assault on truth. But I digress. From my colleagues at ACE of Spades HQ and Battleground Watch we see this  PPP poll carcase tossed around by conservatives.

ACE of Spades HQ: Knowing PPP would have something wacky, I decided to cut right down to the most absurd point highlighted by the firm: 19% of respondents have already voted and they are breaking 3-1 Obama. Article here

And from Battleground Watch.

  “I don’t blog PPP polls because they are openly biased and not credible.” Read article here

Why is Real Clear Politics including this biased poll and adjusting it’s average based on this nonsense?  Wouldn’t a biased poll clearly distort the average? Of course! Leftists are desperate to bring Obama over the line.  We should heed this warning from Battlegroundwatch.com.

Watch Out for Phony Early Vote Numbers in Ohio