Alert! Swing State Polls Show Large Portion of Hispanic Voters Are Trending Away From Obama

Confirmation. I thought this might happen here.

Obama received approximately 67% of the Hispanic vote in 2008. If Obama receives less than that he will surely lose Florida, Colorado and Nevada. Romney will in all likelyhood win these states. Romney has increased advertising aimed at Latino voters. He also gave a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and an interview to Telemundo this last week. Hispanic voters tend to be culturally conservative and Romney has a good chance of getting a larger percentage of the vote than McCain did in 2008. Obama’s postion on gay marriage, the lack of jobs for Latinos and his failure to pass immigration reform will hurt him in November.

Inaddition , with the Spanish-language station Univision’s covering the Fast & Furious scandal and a great debate performance by Romney, more Hispanics are saying they will vote for him. These voters will swing Florida, Colorado and Nevada to Romney. Romney is going after Latino votes nationwide. Lets start with Florida.

In a Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 poll Romney now leads among Hispanics in Florida 46% to 44%. This was an 8% point swing in one month. Obama received 57% of the Hispanic vote in Florida in 2008. This is a 13% drop in Hispanic support. Many other polls are now showing that Romney is ahead in the polls. In fact one pollster has stopped polling the state stating that Romney would win Florida. Expect a blowout in Florida. Lets move on to Colorado.

Marco Rubio has been campaigning for Romney in Colorado. Several polls are now showing Romney leading in Colorado. Now according to the Romney campaign, poll internals are showing Latinos shifting to Romney in Colorado and nationally. here According to an ARG poll Obama is only receiving 54% of the Hispanic vote. This is down 7% from the 61% he received in 2008. This a huge shift away from Obama. Romney presently receives 40% with 6% undecided. Expect a considerable Romney win on election day. Now to Nevada.

Let’s start out by saying that, as a candidate, Obama is no Harry Reid. In fact Romney, as a candidate, is no Sharron Angle. There are some reports that Sharron Angle received only 8% of the Hispanic vote. Mitt Romney is going after the Hispanic vote in Nevada. In 2008 Obama carried 76% of the Hispanic vote in Nevada. He is in deep trouble now. According to a SurveyUSA poll  Obama is receiving only 54% of the Hispanic vote with 5% undecided. (Romney receives 41%) This is a whopping shift in Hispanic support. Another recent poll shows Romney winning 49%-46%

Trends are shifting away from Obama. Seems like many Hispanics want him gone. What I would say to Obama on moving day is “Andale wey! Salte de aqui!”