Nate Silver Is A Relatively Dumb Liberal Propagandist

Nate Silver is blogger employed by the New York Times. Now this guy is really a fake work of art. Liberals look to this guy for analysis that Obama is going to win. He was a former Dkos blogger known a “Poblano” He writes columns that attempt to mask his liberal bias. He claims to crunch numbers to assure liberals that Obama’s chances of winning this election are extremely high and Romney’s are ridiculously low. Presently this feel-good clown shows Romney has a 71.2% chance of losing to Obama.

Having analyzed polling and number of elections it has been clear to me that Obama is in trouble even prior to the debates. I was able to predict this Silverlode of manure would start doing the liberal walk back. I am very harsh on people that claim to be independent but are masking their true ideology. Not only is his methodology a joke, his common sense is suspect. I have criticized this fake independent before. here

 “We need to remember that people all across the United States have been bombarded by a biased media, including fake independent bloggers like Nate Silver(lode) over at the New York Times. (he is former DailyKos blogger..Poblano) He gives Obama an approximate 80% chance of winning. Now this is an example of where common sense is no longer common. I say Obama has less the 50% chance of winning and if pushed would go 50/50 today.  Mark my words I am right and Silverlode is full of it. (Watch for the liberal walk back as the election gets closer) This is not 2008. Any reasonable person knows that, as of today, this will be a close election and that Obama has a good chance of being defeated.”

Not only is Nate Silver(lode) relatively dumb his mediocre analysis is slow in coming. All he had to do was read my article on Sept 14th.

Jamesm on Sept 14th: “By mid to late October Romney will have a clear lead in the swing states.”

Nate Silver  Oct. 5: Day After Debate, Strong Swing State Polls for Romney


Jamesm on Sept 14th: ” Millions of americans are unemployed, our culture is under attack and gas/food prices have risen.”

Nate Silver on Oct 8th: Amid Volatile Polling, Keep an Eye on Election Fundamentals


Jamesm on Sept 14th  “Advantage Romney and we are right back where we started from prior to the conventions.”

Nate Silver on Oct. 9: Romney Erases Obama’s Convention Bounce in Forecast

Yesterday I read this article.  John Nolte over at Breitbart is exposing his slow, liberal feel good mediocre analysis.

“There’s no question that nationally and in the ever-important states that swing, Governor Mitt Romney is not only tied or ahead but also enjoying a real surge after his stunning Wednesday night debate victory over President Obama. The Obama campaign is panicking, the Romney campaign is emboldened, and even the media has been forced to declare the race a toss-up.”

and then concludes:

“But make no mistake, Nate Silver is pure snake oil salesman, no better than a Politico or BuzzFeed Politics. Actually, he’s closer to these lying media fact-checkers that hide behind manufactured facts.

The only difference is that Silver’s spin and bias and lies of omission are hidden behind math.”


Let’s go back to what I said on Sept 14th as November 6th draws near

” Let me state unequivocally that Barack Obama and his allies will be kicked out of power in November. “

Bank on it. Obama is toast.