"I Chose Him Not By The Color Of His Skin But The Content Of His Character"

Something in the wind has changed but I search for the words. Like a cool autumn breeze in your favorite vacation spot. Like standing on a rock looking out a the vastness of the ocean and comprehending our own limited existence. In essence, I wonder if we are reaching for the mountain top and are now starting to view the glimmering beauty of the valley below. Such were my thoughts when I heard the comments of the actress Stacy Dash.

Through all the bigotry that has been leveled by the elite media and their cohorts, I have been waiting for a breakthrough. For a chance for decent men and women to reclaim America. To reclaim our affection as a nation. Not the thrice false claimed humanity of humanists but the simple expression of affection. Not affection in a sexual sense but an affection of the person. One on one. Soul to soul with mind touching mind. Like people reading each others thoughts without saying a word.

In this great struggle for America and all that is good, we are constantly bombarded with media claims of racism, hate, bigotry and divisiveness. The smear merchants and race baiters that dominate the media with their liberal political agenda give voice to a reprobate political agenda in the guise of defending the public good. By acting upon their own failed sense of God and goodness. ungodly liberals attack the character of all who desire to live in a free, moral and just society. Liberal politicos and their supporters take aim at the pillars of our nation like liberty, faith and true charity.  Constant besmirching good people and trumpeting evil in the name of good is the essence of their public enuciations. During his term,  American’s have been weighing the character of Obama. Obama’s fate hangs in the balance.

America is in the process of change. American’s will boldly announce their verdict in November. Voters have looked in their hearts and will reject the false prosperity, false caring, false ethics, false decency and yes the false messiah Obama. His character has been weighed and he is found wanting. See it’s not about the color of his skin, it is about the insidious content of his character. America is seeing the light and so are a few members of Holllywoood. So I want to say:


Thank You Stacy Dash!! Thanks for being you. I have a feeling Martin Luther King would be proud of you.


Well guess what,  now Stacy is under attack. The liberal script is so predictable.


Hang in there, because today, your interal strength and beauty shines brightly.