Liberals are mad: Romney won the first debate..err..forum

Liberals are upset because Mitt Romney just won over more Hispanic-American voters. This last Wednesday Mitt Romney appeared in a “Meet the Candidate” series on the Spanish-language network Univision. On Thursday Barack Obama sat down with Univision and looked rattled at times. By virtually all accounts, Romney got the better of Obama in ratings. This was an opportunity for Romney to speak to issues important to Hispanic-Americans. Romney won in the total number of viewers: 2.8 million to 2.7 million for Obama.

Romney is looking to capture more of the Hispanic vote and it safe to say he surely will after this performance. He was poised and handled questions well. Leftists are not happy that Romney was cheered by supporters in the audience. He was able to tell 2.8 million viewers his plans on immigration, health care, jobs and the economy, (and also that his dad was born in Mexico) all in the back drop of a cheering audience. The tone on the Internet is that Romney looked too “bronze”. Some liberal complaints are that Romney packed the forum with his supporters (true) and that Obama was asked tougher questions than Romney. Obama was challenged by the Univision moderaters, unlike other corrupt liberal media organizations. Obama was grilled on his broken promise of immigration reform. Obama was grilled on Fast and Furious. Here is a very good summation of the Obama interview.

Obama received approximately 67% of the Hispanic vote in 2008. If Obama receives less than that he will surely lose Florida, Colorado and Nevada. Romney will in all likelyhood win these states. Romney has increased advertising aimed at Latino voters. He also gave a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and an interview to Telemundo this last week. Hispanic voters tend to be culturally conservative and Romney has a good chance of getting a larger percentage of the vote than McCain did in 2008. Obama’s postion on gay marriage, the lack of jobs for Latinos and his failure to pass immigration reform will hurt him in November.

If you want to have a good laugh then read some articles from the left on the Internet. They are pissed. They knew they could take for granted the Hispanic vote and now they are going to pay the price. Romney may not be “bronze” but Hispanics voting for Romney may be the golden ticket.