300 Spartans


Having lived in Sparta, Michigan as a boy, my thoughts have turned to that state as the primary nears. I remember tornado warnings, cub scouts, shoveling snow and pulling a dogfish out of Camp Lake. I also remember ice fishing during the winter. The adults would walk on the frozen lake and look for a good spot. They would then cut a hole in the ice and drop their line. There was nothing to do but wait.  We would walk on the frozen water (ice of course) thinking how neat it was, but constantly reminded of the frigid temperature.

My dad and aunt worked for manufacturing companies that made tools.  I remember shoveling driveways for $1. This was not easy work and believe me, that dollar was earned.  Our neighbors generally had a hearty attitude and helped each other out. Whether it was a boat that had broken free from it’s moorings or a cat that was missing, there was a sense of community.

So as I have seen many polls which show essentially a dead heat between Romney and Santorum. I have heard many pundits opine on who may win the primary. None, in my opinion, seems to really understand this segment of Michigan voters. (By the way I lived in Grand Rapids also) These people are hard working, unafraid of the coldest winter and willing to fight nature to pull that fish out of the lake. They do not give a darn about what some pundit thinks but rather if a person is honest. These people would expect a man to know how to bait a hook.  Because of the closeness in this election, 300 Spartans could turn the election to Rick Santorum. Will they come out to vote? Count on it.