Truth and the power of the conservative mind

Let’s start with a  premise: Conservatives want to know the truth. A conservative will naturally throughout their life search for the truth. A conservative can get very good at spotting nonsense because they have spent years practicing. Seems pretty straightforward. In political discussions a “conservative” always wants to know the truth about a candidate. Sometimes this seems so difficult to get from a candidate. Why? Because that candidate has spent years practicing dissimulation. But a funny thing will happen over time-the candidate will slip. This is what is called a gaffe but in most cases is just a candidate wanting to be his or her self. This is where the practiced conservative mind will crack open the thoughts of a candidate like a nut.

Many conservatives voters will have a Joe Wilson moment and look at a candidate and say “liar” to themselves.  This is a skill practiced over years by “true conservatives”.  I heard someone say one time that everybody is born a liberal-but then they grow up. It is safe to say that most people wish for a better world. The reality is the world can be a brutal place. If you take the premise that, most people want a better world, than how a person thinks is what makes difference. Conservatives look for solutions fundamentally based in truth. This is base in a belief (faith) that a person can find the truth.  Godless liberals attack conservatives of faith because their minds are crippled.  As Albert Einstein said: “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” But most conservatives have years practicing finding the truth. Conservatives know that education in school doesn’t give a person wisdom. Liberals educators attempt to indoctrinate our kids by teaching them what to think. Conservatives reject this and want their children to learn how to think. As Einstein put it: “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

So how does a person change at a late stage of life to become a true conservative? The only way a person can do this is by changing the way they think. A person needs to become humble and clear thinking and want to know the truth. The later in life the harder it would be because there are more years of nonsense to sort through.  So how to we know if, to use an analogy, a person has changed from a caterpillar to a butterfly? Easy. The person would act, communicate and think like a butterfly. We know a butterfly when we see it.

Humans have inherent weaknesses. Even conservatives are flawed. But when push comes to shove “true conservatives” come home to their core value of truth. This is how we as conservatives roll. Butterflies are not the same and fly in different directions. When it comes to choosing any political candidate, I  am in the NOT caterpillar camp. I am also in the NOT half caterpillar half butterfly camp. I might choose a different butterfly (some have flown away) but I guarantee it will be a butterfly.