Why the Republican establishment is worried and what they will do next.

Politics is about power to make decisions that affects the lives of the people. Throughout history, leaders do not give up power easily. They hold onto power as long as possible, sometimes at great cost to a nation and its people. Current historical examples are Qaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria. Mubarak in Egypt stepped down when he knew he could not hold on. In America, we have a system for changing our leaders, which is outlined in our Constitution. In our country the establishment Republicans and Democrats want to retain power and will fight tooth and nail to retain it. This leads us to the current election cycle and certainty that Barack Obama and his allies, will not go easily. They will have to be removed by the force of the voters. The question remains is what kind of candidate does a voter choose to get the job done?

Even before this current election cycle began, men and women were deciding whether to run for office. But each man or woman wants to achieve power. Whether to make a change, keep the status quo or for myriad other reasons, it all comes down to power.  But the most effective path is to achieve  power is a major parties nomination. Hence the two major political parties-the Republican and Democratic parties.  In regards to the Republican party it is virtually impossible to get the nomination for President without claiming to be conservative. A candidate benefits from people in power (Politicians, News media, etc) telling the public that their candidate is best. When their interests are at stake, these politicians and media types will only do what benefits them. What benefits them is holding onto money, power and fame. It’s their lifestyle’s self preservation. So when a person sees that the establishment is backing a certain candidate, we need to ask why? Are they trying to put Lipstick on a Pig or will this candidate make changes which will benefit America to the degree needed? We don’t want fall into a trap of  “change” slogans that bring a fast or slow death of the ideals that made our country great. So we must get to the candidate’s core beliefs.

The Republican establishment’s desire is to keep the status quo, but they will want to make changes to things they don’t like. For example, they want to keep the money flowing to Washington but they want to decide who spends it, not Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. The Republican establishment is upset that they don’t have control in Washington. They needed to find a candidate (in their minds) that would beat Obama. (that could also get past the Republican party primary). They found their guy in Mitt Romney. The rules written for the primaries by the Republican establishment benefit Romney. In the north east, most primaries are winner-take-all. Most of the southern conservative states are based on proportionality. But that wasn’t enough. The establishment had the caucuses set up so that most if not all not delegates are awarded based upon the percentage of straw vote. These delegates would be awarded later in the party business portion of the caucus. This presumably would benefit Romney because of his organization and money. But a funny thing happened. Ron Paul and his supporters are out gaming Romney at the caucuses. Ron Paul is now gathering a larger percentage of delegates than the straw vote percentage achieved. But that isn’t enough. The establishment (in Florida) violated party rules and made the primary winner-take-all. They knew Romney had the money to win Florida. Fundamental fairness has been tilted toward the establishment candidate. But now the conservatives are awake.

Make no mistake-the establishment is in panic. Romney has not been a good candidate. Romneycare, “very poor” comments, “serious” conservative and other issues make his candidacy dubious at this point. The establishment is working on ways to “sell” Romney to the conservatives. We hear constantly from their establishment and their media partners that “Romney will be the nominee”. This is after the candidate has fallen in polls, rejected by conservatives and propped up by the so-called conservative media. (Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Brit Hume, etc etc etc) Even James Carville is trying to prop him up. They complain that conservatives should get behind Romney. There is an Irish saying “ Me thinks thou protest to loud”.

The establishment’s premise was that Romney can beat Obama because voters will dislike Obama more than Romney. Their thinking is misplaced at best and corrupt at worst. He has turned out to be a horrible candidate. His all out destroy approach against his opponents has highlighted the narrative that he cannot win on ideas. Romney has put himself in a straight jacket. The more he goes negative the more he drives down his own poll numbers. Having average skills of articulation, he will need to go negative against Obama. Is this hope and change you can believe in? Obama will portray Romney as an out of touch elite. Game over unless the conservatives finally stand up.

The establishment will back Romney until they know for sure he can’t win. They would take a brokered convention at this point. But if conservatives stand firm and look at the truth, (Romney can’t beat Obama) then the establishment will fall in line. It does no good to nominate another loser. This is just like nominating a Dole or McCain.  Like a warm cup of chocolate, neither hot or cold he will be rejected. The establishment will be the cause of Obama’s reelection if they don’t start lining up behind a real conservative who can make a difference. Being a squishy candidate is not what is needed at this time. Obama can out squish Romney. Boldness is what is needed. Although our Grandparents may have past away this is still their country where they are buried or their ashes scattered to the wind. Don’t forget them.