Flaccid: Weiner Licking Wounds and Liberal Cognitive Dissonance


Anthony Wiener is no laughing matter.  He took it upon himself to create a lie and then perpetuate such until a day came that the lie could penetrate no further—he was going to be exposed if he didn’t come clean.  That, folks, is the only reason the lie is not still being bandied about and, that is the reason Weiner must zip up his pants and leave his office like a man.  Possibly also, because he used government resources for his lewd behavior.—And, Weiner continues that lie.

While social issues dominate the credo of any good, card carrying member of America’s haughty taught liberal elite, those social issues are muted across party lines—specifically, when a liberal does something untoward.  That woman’s groups do not stand up and shout this idiot out of his office smacks of party line lock-stepping.  That the liberal media does not highlight these indiscretions is yet another example of their own bias.

And Hollywood to the rescue?  I saw (I did not read it because I cannot stand my own bile let alone the bile that emanates from HuffPo) that Alec Baldwin has joined the fray penning an article “Anthony Weiner Is A Modern Human Being”.  WOW!!!  Alec Baldwin—the moral arbiter—after he beats Kim Basinger and calls his daughter a little pig, epic boozing and drug binges, who earned a degree in Acting after 18 years of attempting.  Sodom and Gomorra (Hollywood) was an example of modern humanity, at the time, and we all know the fire and brimstone that befell that torrid town.

It is hard to use the term “cognitive” when speaking of the dissonance between what liberals say and do.  Cognitive is a term that speaks towards active thought.  It appears that the only active thoughts rampaging between a liberals ears are how to say one thing and do another.  There are so many examples of indiscretion on both sides yet the only adverse repercussions seem to befall conservatives with the extreme passion from woman’s groups demanding their heads.  And what of Bill Clinton?  The Sexual Harasser in Chief was given a clean slate before, during and after not having had “sexual relations with that woman.”  Because as we all know, it really depends on what the definition of “is” is.

Flaccid are all of the woman’s groups who stand mute in demanding parity to yet another liberal indiscretion and bold faced lie.  Flaccid is the man who, once the vituperate mouthpiece of the liberal left, now will be relegated to Mr. Mom.