Of Inheritances and the Rear View Mirror

How many times did anyone hear George W. Bush proclaim that he had inherited anything from the president prior?  Did you hear him say it when, after the tech bubble-which ballooned and collapsed under Clinton, tax collections went down to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of investors writing off losses in the first two years of his presidency?  Did you hear him repeatedly announce that the war on terror could have been averted if Clinton had made the correct decisions when he had Osama in the cross hairs—more than once?  Indeed, GW Bush’s defining legacy—The War on Terror—could have easily been shifted backwards to Clinton and the pathetic Democrats in their lackadaisical effort to curb terror during the nineties.  But not a word from GW Bush, except what the path forward was going to be.

In stark contrast, President Obama points his crawly, nicotine stained finger in any direction he can to avert the attention that he should naturally be getting in the face of our current economic situation.  In fact, in a recent interview on 60 Minutes Obama took another shot at GW Bush over the inherited economic recession!—Really though, two and a half years into his presidency and all he can do is point to the last president? 

As Obama derides and ridicules the electorate over high gas prices and immigration reforms, those same people are not able to afford to feed their families because of the gas price creating inflation and those same people are getting killed near the border by illegals freely crossing.  So Obama laughs about a moat and that there really isn’t anything he can do about the gas price because, ohhhhh no, it will take soooooo long to get our own oil out of the ground.—An argument, mind you, that has been posited by the liberal idiot Democrats and environmentalists since the 1980’s, yet could easily be non sequitur had we actually EVER started to drill.

As Obama nestles into his power while sending troops into Libya without authority, attacking Boeing with the NLRB, sending in his hit men to tidy up Wisconsin, asks Brazil for future oil contracts, QE I and II, among a host of other arm flexing, he will not ease our pain at the pump by simply allowing permits to drill.  Not leases, permits.  You see as clever as he is, he will actually say that he has increased leases without saying that it is the permits to drill that will actually get oil out of the ground.  By increasing leases, he increases revenue to the government AND he gets to point at all of the big, bad oil companies for not producing on the lease that they have—it is a veritable win-win for him and his idiot base.  No problem though because he wants $8 a gallon gas, just like our socialist brothers in all of Europe.  What is never explained however is that the only reason Euro’s pay $8 per gallon is because $4 of it is tax.

The economy is weak and struggling because of energy prices—specifically now at the pump and, as a direct result of that pump price, every other product that you consume because my dear friend it takes energy to produce and deliver whatever it is you buy.  Coming soon on home heating bills, brace your you liberal eggheads in the NE.  Obama has the power to immediately reduce the price a the pump—announce permits to drill will be allowed and announce that we are going to find a way to increase domestic production.  OPEC will follow by increasing production in order to stymie US investment by making it less profitable.  It is called Reaganomics.  But Obama missed that class as he was, by his own admission, getting to know socialists and communists better during the eighties.

Obama will never stop looking back, because he has nothing to show you to look forward for and because every time he looks in the rearview mirror he catches a glimpse of himself—the only thing he really loves—as evidenced by his two autobiographies.