Who will pay Kennedy to be Democratic Chair?

I wonder what the Portuguese is for, “I know all about getting paid by donors”? Former Portuguese instructor and current President of AFT-Wisconsin Bryan Kennedy is running to replace Joe Wineke as Chair of the Democratic Party.

Kennedy is most famous for his failed runs for congress against long-time Republican incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner. In his last run, Kennedy took the questionable approach of actually paying himself a salary out of campaign donations, arguing it was necessary if he was going to campaign full-time.

Kennedy’s best performance was 35 percent in 2006, which might raise questions about what exactly recommends him as the Democratic Party’s top strategist.

Outgoing Chair Joe Wineke came under fire from the party faithful for taking a $2000/month lobbyist job for AT&T. What special interests will pay Kennedy a salary this time, and will the party faithful stand for it?