Barak's Islam

Obama’s connections are continually popping up that ties him to Islam and his muslim faith. I pray the nation will see these cnnections and not just pass them off as smears as Obama would like them to be seen. Lets look at all his associations and any messaging that could be shown through out his campaign.

  • Obama attends Columbia Khaldi’s father teaches an Arab studies class there. If he took the class and was close to his proffesor he may have met Khaldi during his time there

  • Obama gets a calling to go to Chicago, this is where Ayers and Khalidi lives to do community organizing.

  • Khalidi and Ayers are close personal friends as self described in Ayers book.

  • Khalidi and Obama are close personal friends as described by Obama in his farewell speech to him as Khaladi left to go teach at Cloumbia. Saying he will take what he learned through Khalidi to the world.

  • Obama attend a black liberation theology church thatt shares anti-amrican sentiments, and has close ties to FaraKhan.

  • Obama sits on two boards where he was in charge of releasing funds, and he chose to give the money to radicalize education. He squandered the money to ACORN and anti american groups, one with Khaldid’s wife at the helm. He also gave money to an organization that wanted a seperate state of economy and social affairs for africans seperating them from american law. This organization was ran by Rev. Wrights friends.

  • Obama seperates himself from Ayers and Wright, but did he really. Read more to find out how he didn’t

  • Obama makes confession in a magazine interview, sometimes things are said or exaggerrated to just win elections. This was said after a debate in which he criticized Hilary.

  • Obama speaks against Wrights sermons. Then wright goes to a press club event in which he says Obama is only being a politician and only saying what he needs to say not what he means.

  • Obama denounces Wright for his speech, however he so gently says he is leaving the church because he does not want the church criticized, not because he doesn’t believe in their message.

  • Obama recites without flaw Muslim decree for an interviewer. If he was not a practicing muslim how does he know this? He points to his time in indonesia where he had to go to a islamic school, but he was very young. I learned the Declaration of Independence when I was in third grade, I am 33 now and i can’t recite it. He must have been practicing it as his faith to retain it all these years.

  • Farakhan tells his disciples Obama is the messiah. Qhudaffi assure his people Barak is an islamic muslim and when you hear him deny it, it is just political so he can get elected, to which he will surprise them. How did they know it is just a ploy? Because wrights Statement was a ploy to let them know it was political, Obama’s own words from the news magazine tells them, and his recital gauranteed it to them, and his refussal to truly disown his church but to say I will not let them be mocked.

  • To furhter support them in knowing Obama raised a million dollars for Odinga, which is an islamic radical and used the same slogans Odinga used in his bid for kenya, futher solidifying I am one of you for the islamic people.

  • When Odinga lost his election the islamic people began raiding and killing people. If Obama looses(their proclaimed messiah from Farakhan) what kind f retaliation will we see. John take heed it will be a terrorist onslaught.