counter attacking the 30 min specials

Barak Obama is buying primetime 30 min sections so he can air a video one week before the election. I know Barak’s game book it is the way I would play it, so please take note of the counterattack strategy. Barak will buy air time in a manner in which McCain will not be able to afford to counter.

He will not care what price he pays, for his campaign is loaded. There will be no negotiations on the price, because he knows they have to offer the same price and time to McCain. He does not want McCain to be able to effectively counter him. He will welcome the fight over Ayers and his associations he wants an incitement. It is and was part of his plan. He set the back drop with coming out and saying they will attack me, they will try to scare you,and they will distort the truth. The way McCain will paint it will be the exact truth as we all know, but Obama will craftly articulate as any lawyer would for his client the plausible dual scenerio that he said took place.

He will, just as he did during the racism speech, to try to put himself in the position to be that one true uniquely qualified person to bring peace for he knows the struggle of the middle east, and he’s heard first hand the suffering and the longing for all people of all nations to come together. His insight, by having known Ayers and his reasons for doing what he did although it does not justify what he did, but we can all feel the frustration when government has made decisions that effect the lives of so many so badly, even if that government meant it for good, we must realize that our ways are not like our brotherns and we must respect them.

.I know the frustration of muslims, islam, and christianity for I have friends in all religions. I know that ultimately we all desire spirituality to help make us better, however we must understand that this desire has also led us into a path of intolerence of others for their view of truth. The fighting will stop when we all understand our desire is the same. McCain has just ben inciting this anger he does not understand that in order to lead this country we should be uniting, we should be that beacon on a hill but we must do it with courtessy and understanding not with threats of militaary use that just incites others just as we get incited from their threats of terror. Vote for me for I will fight relentlessly for this while McCain will just further hostility. You can see it by the way he is campaigning can our future really afford the rantings of McCain.

The only way to effectivley counter such a statement to truly show you are the uniter is to hold a nationwide rally at all campaign headquarters at the very same time, to thank ahead of time for the support of the people voting for him. At each state headquarters or regional headquarters strategic people should be placed to give speeches that best suit the electorate at that spot like Romney in Michigan, Huckabee in the south, Fred in the midwest. All given speeches tailered to what the electorate needs to hear. You say Sarah and John will be at one of those rallies but it will not be told which one, for this will make the rallies at each event fairly large. The broadcast of those two will be satelite fed into the all headquarters though. At the location best determined John and sarah needs to give the performance of there lives. The theme should be patriotism and how loyalty of a president should be country first. This will direct all local news to them and will committ most major news to their broadcast. It will cost them nothing to go on air at the very same time, and at the same time incites their base, and is a tangible interaction among many instead of people just being glued to the tv. McCain has to have the vigor he had at the end of his convention speech, and has to make it his ultimate BBQ( one of John’s favorite pasttimes) when mingling with the crowd. Patriotic music should be the tone set. He must clearly say that in order for there to be peace there has to be a united patriotic America that is willing to stand up for herself, defend her and others around the world against human rights, tyranny, and oppression, but only when it is shown it can be done responsibly. It is not enough to take the word of an individual who has not proven themselves trustworthy just because you think you understand them. We must not let ourelves be fooled like the East was with Hitler in WWII. We must attain peace around the world it is our duty, but we can not let our defenses down. We can not lower our defense spending and weapons programs like Obama wants and then negotiate treaties that are disguises, while they wait for our lowered defense, to strike when we least expect it. We can not let someone in the whitehouse that has ties to other rogue nations or synpathizes for them because they will use it for their advantage to gain strength while we become weaker. We all know our enemies play to weaknesses of their oppenents and with Barak they will walk all over him without him knowing any better.

Well you get the idea. He has to stage something so big and so powerful to get people to listen to him instead of Barak.