Brokaw sucks

Brokaw lost his credibilty with american people last night. I did not hear one question of substnace that should have and would have come out if there was no moderator. Your going to tell me that people only wanted to ask questions about things they hear about in every stump speech.I have a hard time swallowing that none of these questions was wanting to be asked? We expected Brokaw to break out of his NBC pals blatant support of Obama. Gwen did a better job in my opinion because she made up the questions, Brokaw blatantly disregarded truth seeking questions in order to protect his king.

  • Tell me a personal crisis you had to deal with and tell me how you ovr came it?( MR. Mccain we heard your POW story, and we highly respect your service however, tell us something different this time)

  • Tell us how your friends helped shape your character?

  • Tells us how your ideology is influenced by those you surround yourself with, and then I would like to know how well you think your oppenent assessed themselves based on your perception of things?

  • Tell us how exactly are you going to better our image abroad?

  • How would you use your vice president in your admin?

  • Do you see anything in your life that could possibly cause yo to be bias in your assessment of America?

  • Mr. Obama why are you trying to dismiss a case in which Amereica wants to garrantte you can run for president instead of just being transparent with yourself like you say government should be?

  • mr. Obama you cloak yourself in lawsuits in order to keep the truth seeking media from gaining relevant information about you, how can we truly expect your admin to be transparent about what will happen behind closed doors when you want to talk to rogue leaders?

No questions like those so I feel Brokaw showed his Biasism toward Barak in filtering out any question that in comes close to answering anything that so that we can get more intimate with our candidates. I ask that both parties agree that the debate did not do what it was designed to do which is let us look at the candidate based upon personal insight into their lives and how that will effect their decision making. cough up some money and hold a no holds barred question and answer section in some footbal arena dems on one side repubs on the other randomnly draw seat number from one side to the other and let the questions begin. We are tired of stump speeches we want to know the true character of the individual that we be tried and tested in office.