The left playbook

The liberals have wisely played the rules set out by radical sal alinksy. They purchased enough media power and infiltrated education at all levels. You control the message you control the outcome. This is evident in how NBC handled the SNL skit removal damaging the democrats, but has not removed one iotta of their skits of Palin. MSNBC can not even talk without it sounding like trumpets going off in the background declaring their new king. The mewspapers sit on info and they themselves are delcaring what is newsworthy. It used to be they ran an accreditted story and let the American people decide if it was newsworthy. Demonized, polarize, control the message and you win. This has to be a grassroots effort from all of us. I humbly ask the McCain campaign to print off their own fliers they do not have to be fancy plain white paper black text by the thousands and have them ready for footsoldiers to get ahold of to distribute.