Five hardnose questions for Obama America must have answereed

Here are some serious questions to be answered by our terrorist loving friend and we need someone with the balls to ask it in the media. Come on give me one brave reporter to go into a rally and burst these questions out.

  • You won’t release your college year info. What does it contain? Bad grades, group affiliations, radical demos at school?

  • Most people who Graduate on top of law school are proud to show their bar exam where is yours? Low score maybe? Does the signature resemble yours? Will a low score reveal maybe you didn’t do your own work at Harvard( certainly would if he had low scores at columbia too)It would also show why he can not speak without a teleprompter.

  • You have been connected to more terroist allies other than Ayers and you have accepted money from those countries where those ties exist, you want to downsize our military and weapons programs, you want to personally talk to rogue leaders, terroist group have announced their support of you, Mr Obama are you selling out our great nation?

  • Mr obama don’t you know in order for the Eight Mile defense (reference to movie in which to disable your oppenant you speak first of what your opponentt will say to disarm it) will only work if you are absolutley truthful in your tactic?

  • You have plenty of radicals and former Carter admin people on your side, are we to believe you are putting this Country first when that admin was worse than what you portray Bush’s?

  • Obama I would like to end with a grateful thank you from all of America in training ACORN in how to coerce and strong arm mortgage companies into making back loans. We really appreciate where it lead us today! Can we expect more of the same?

Hey feel free to add your own maybe some gutsy reporter will ask these questions. Well ok probably not but it would be great to hear him bumbling again.