republican strategy

The RNC has been dragging its feet in this campaign cycle. Every attack that goes unanswered about McCain hurts all members up for re-election. They are painting us as incompetant everyday, and everyday it goes unanswered it sets further in the minds of voters. Here are some of my suggestions to get us through this election cycle

  • Show footage of the suffrage during Carter’s years and show how Obama’s policies mirror Carters. Link any advisors Obama has in economics or eneregy that is from Carters.

  • Show footage of socialist healthcare health systems who tanked after they were nationalized. Get video footage of those people telling their stories with them warning of the switch.

  • Show constsanly video footage of Barney Frank saying nothing was wrong in 2004 with mortgages, and repeublicans asking for regulation.

  • See if their is video footage availiable of Obama endorsing Ayers book.

  • Make a website that already has info pointing to the facts McCain uses in the debate and refer to it in the debate

  • Get out Romney in the forefront of this economic crisis he can be rewarded with a cabinet position. People will listen to him.

  • Qiut refering to people as main street make it more personal like joe from drugstore will lose his job, Mary’s kids will have to wait two months to see a doctor. This is what resonates with people.