Where are they?

The republican leaders need to get out and tell their side more effectively. The dems are holding conferences left and right to get their message out. Stand up and fight let america know the truth. We are letting Barney Frank lie about republicans not raising questions about this crisis and he was one of them that shut us down in 2004. The vast majority of americans never fact check and they know this. Don’t wait to see if the media will flush out the truth, flush it out yourself and then come out and show the videos to prove it. We are loosing the fight of words even though we are completely right. Come out swinging from the conferences each time the dems blow you off. The american people do not want this bailout they will rally around you if show you are fighting for them. Yes the americans want his fixed but they don’t want to be screwed either. Effectively tell your point and they will see and know the dems are the ones being partisan. You show them you are fighting for them and not your political desires and the polls will swing your way. This one shot can put the repubs back into a positive light.