Way to win

We can win this election in just two simple ways, and this is where obama gains his voters.* One Fight this bill and expose its strangle hold on taxpayers and the tax burden it creates. Effectively tell the voters we are fighting for the future of America in this bill not just the immediate outcome. Stress the realities if it fails, everybody is stressing if it works.

  • Most of barak’s support is from colleges. That is how he is putting traditionally solid red states into swing status. He has done a great job at registering college kids in the state they go to school in, where traditionally they vote back home and more specifically not at all most the time. These kids are from solid blue states.

    College kids are not part of the group of most likey voters. You take away these voters and McCain usually has the lead. We do not need to convince them to vote for McCain, we just need to take away their desire to go to the poll for Obama.By my polls here 6- 10 kids are not very familiar with wright, Ayers, or Rezko. When I tell them and tell how He keeps changing his strory about them, they are dismayed and said I will not be voting now. The reason is quite simple they are held to a high standrd of character such as no cheating or plagarism, and they will not vote for someone that doesn’t keep those standards for themselves.

    We do this by blasting Campus with Fliers every 3 days of associations and lies Obama said with tag lines like “Your held to a high standard of integrity at school, do you really want a president who sets his standards low”. Second blast local airwaves in college cities during tv shows at night college kids watch. Shows such as family guy, office, adultswim, Vh1,BET and so on. This is a winning strategy