Truth behind Dems Bailout

The dems have dedided this from the 2004 election. Please here me:* They adamently opposed regulation saying there isn’t a problem, waiting for the time to for the economy to sink to blaim it on the Bush Admin. The president always gets blamed regardless of truth.

  • Must elections are won over the economy.Effectively say it’s tank you have the biggest chance of winning.

  • George Soros and his leftist liberal media friends have tooken over the tv stations to push exactly what they want reported and Funded liberal republican bashing 527’s

  • It is ironic that the two biggest things they want to push, alternative energy and economy, are the two things that back to back the speculators drove to despair. First oil giving them a platform to speak about, then speculation on banks rapidly shows the vulnerability of what republicans have been saying and comes at a privitol time in the election. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe we pissed off thier liberalist billionaire friends after sinking millions into Gore and Kerry.

  • They desparely want the bailout the way it is for three reasons. One it is one step to socialism. Two if it is a success they will point to it as ways of achieving further socialism. And the big number three is they know America will never let a national healthcare bill pass, but if big profits start rolling in, they will point to it as as a way to get it started, I’m afraid most people will fall for it.

  • They are praying on young college voters who upon my surveying do not take the time to fact check. approximately 6-10 do not know about Rezko or Ayers

  • They are pushing for early voting during times He is up in the polls and slow their efforts down when he is not faring well.

We need to get the word out guys this is a sham that democrats have devised to pull one over on america. Repulicans need to stand up and fight hard. Anyone see that Rush’s video only made it on Hannity and Colmes. No other media outlet covered it.