Advice for Palin

Sarah if at all you get these message from redstate, we are in agreement that you being you is what has invigorated this campaign. Please take the following sugesstions to heart.
* Humble yourself and you will be exhalted, admit your limits but show how you will overcome them. Such as tuteledge fom McCain on foreign policy.

* Remember it is not your just your beliefs that attractd so many, but your ability to show through your own thoughts and actions your convictions. women may not agree with you that life begins at conception, but when you said let me be honest I was scared I didn’t know how it would affect my life or how hard it would be to raise a special needs baby, but when I saw Him I just knew everything was going to be alright. That gives inspiration to a women who feels abortion is the only way for her to say you know I can do this too.* Keep true to yourself, don’t let your aides push you into saying things in a way you would not say them. Read up on the material and answer quesions the way you see them. You have an 85% approval rating because people love the way you process things and come to a conclusion. It is yor freshness and common sense approach we love. You are alot like Reagon in the fact he said things in his own way that the average person could relate. We desperately need that back.* Use your quick wit. When you see the oppurtunity to drastically show the difference between the tickets jump to it. People want candidates to tell them the difference, because Obama has done a great job at muddying the waters. Poit to the difference of 500 billions in your economics plan in which he wants to spendd 500 billion more from taxpayers at a time of fincial crisis, and the maoney you wnat to give in tax breaks will go back directly into stimulating the economy and gives emtrepenuers the capital they need in a time they might not goet loans.* Most importantly pray before you enter. Ask God for a calm and peaceful spirtit, and the ability to recall what you have learned. You would be a powerful foot soldier for moral conduct in a time when this country truly needs it.