to win a debate

The way debates are won are by facts and quick wit. What Palin and McCain need to do is use thier quick wit and facts to blast Biden away. They need to introduce Obamas new spending of 800 billions dollars and then wait for the attack of well you want to give a tax cut of 300 billion dollars to the wealthy to be shot out again, to which the quick and snappy come back of yes you are correct for once and the difference is 500 billion dollars, to whom you want the the taxpayer payers of america to cough up at a time of economic turmoil, and I ant to garrantee money is put back into the hands of those who have proven to create new jobs. Which is what we will need at a time like this. Palin needs to assert in her debate that given a few months in office she would have more correct philosophy in foreign affairs if something happens to John than Barak could ever get during his term from a senator that has been consistently wrong for over 20 years, from opposing Regean to his view on splitting up Iraq into three seperate countries. Palin then needs to show how her having a large family understands exactly how people are suffering and how shortly long ago it has been since she was just like us. She needs to play to women who feel fustrated by the loss of income and the wanting of the best for thier kids. McCain needs to in his next debate how he from the time of service fought for this country, and he entered the senate to aggressively advocate for Arizona and the country. It is this he puts the country first and the reason he went back to washington instead of campainging. You see I went back to do my job for my country to which many people said I was doing a political stunt, let you remind you I always have aggressively protected this country on hot issues like immigaration to this rescue plan, and while America needed me I went back to washington, while Barak went on doing what he came to politics for which is satissfy his self-ambtion of becoming president, which is evident in the fact he voted present 130 times in the state senate and who wouldn’t get his hands dirty in this bailout bill so he can claim I was never really for the way the final bill read if the bailout doesn’t work. You see I did get my hands dirty and I am ready to take criticsm if needed, but at least I wanted to protect you my friends and that is why I want to be president.