Of Demographics and Sheep

Well, another fine mess the voters of this country have gotten us into. (Disclaimer: I have not posted on RS in about 2 to 3 years but I am back by popular demand. My thoughts are  very popular with me so I am sharing them with you because I enjoy reading my brilliant ramblings. ) If the tone of this posting begins to sound a little like sour grapes at the end it is okay because it matches the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach as each of the battleground states slowly began slipping into Obama’s column last night. All that being said, let me mercifully cut to the chase.

Let me begin with demographics. The most important lesson for the Republicans to take from this loss is that there are not enough white people to win with white people alone.  The Republicans must actively court the Hispanic vote and can win it by adopting a more Libertarian immigration policy. They cannot win that vote without doing so. Allow me to explain.

My wife was brought to this country from Mexico when she was four months old. She grew up in California. Her parents had overstayed their visas. When President Reagan, a beloved figure in my wife’s family, signed the amnesty bill my father-in-law immediately hired an immigration attorney and made sure that he and his family got their green cards. My wife, her parents and her two sisters are now all American citizens. I happen to know how my wife, her parents, one of her sisters, her husband and their college age daughter voted yesterday and I can say that Obama took 83% of that vote. My wife was the only one that voted for Romney. When I asked them about this, every one of them stated that they felt that Romney hated Hispanics or they mentioned his lack of support for the DREAM Act as their reason for voting for Obama. I would be willing to bet you that about 95-99% of those Hispanics that voted for Obama did so for this very same reason. If the Republicans want to change this then they must stop focusing on removing illegal aliens and focus on eliminating opportunity for those who enter the country illegally to find work. It annoys me that I have to say this again when I posted the same kind of message back in 2008. We need to make it much easier for people who want to work and can find jobs to come to this country legally and we must make the cost of providing work to illegal immigrants outweigh any benefits that can be gained by doing so. If we do this then our next amnesty could truly be our last. Yes, I believe we will ultimately have to provide another amnesty for those illegals currently here.

I am sure many of you will disagree, but I know firsthand how personally many Hispanics take talk of deportation and they will not vote for a Republican so long as their first statements on the subject of illegal immigration is to send those people who did not enter legally home. Obviously it doesn’t even matter if these individuals are of Mexican decent or not. Talk of deportation is something that many take as a personal attack on their culture and heritage and will always be an instant turn off for a great many Hispanic voters.

On the subject of sheep. It breaks my heart to admit that our nation is full of intellectually lazy sheep. Many of those who voted for Obama parroted his positions almost verbatim from what I heard in debates or during interviews with the President or one of his surrogates. They swallowed hook, line and sinker the belief that Romney cared more about the rich, that Romney was not going to let women have access to contraception, that Romney hated Hispanics, or that Bush is STILL to blame for the economy, etc… It  is pathetic to me that so many individuals are willing to allow the MSM and the Democrat party to do their thinking for them. I read a variety of publications, watch the news and read books, but I still formulate my own opinions. I do not abdicate my responsibility to think for myself in the manner that so many of those who voted for Obama did. The Republicans cannot win the votes of people who are unwilling to think for themselves.

One last thing… How is it that so many people could vote for someone that never provided a vision or a plan for what they would do if re-elected? Do you hear all that bleeting? Someone call Bo Peep. I think I found her flock…All 60+ million of them. God help this country!