In 1800 A.D. (C.E.) there were an estimated one billion humans on the face of the earth. Now, two centuries later, there are about six and one-half billion and increasing exponentially. In 1800 there were no petroleum powered vehicles on or above the earth, no oil, gas or coal fired power plants producing electricity, no highways of macadam or concrete, no useable electric batteries and no nuclear power or bombs. Probably less than ½ of one percent (50,000,000) had more food, shelter, water and heat than required for existence.

As an example of the profligacy of the human one merely need look at the lands bounding the Mediterranean Sea. The forests have been cut down and desertification had begun on all its shores. There is still a lack of vegetation in the land surrounding that sea. This scenario is repeating itself around the world.

We will proceed as all biological organisms on earth. We will propagate and use the resources to keep our species alive until the resources will no longer sustain our numbers and then a catastrophe of viral, bacterial or mental origin will kill off most of us and we will begin again under slightly changed circumstances and proceed to the next debacle.

As long as we espouse freedom and liberty we are totally vulnerable to the scenario described. If we, collectively, decide to place ourselves under the rule of a leader or group of leaders who force us to conserve, we may last another few generations. But, the disastrous scenario will still play out.

Hurrah for the Isaiah’s and Jeremiah’s of global warming. They prophecy the enormous ill effects of human profligacy. Terrible catastrophes are in store unless we change our ways. All probably true, but, who among us will stop our excessive use of resources? Who will, as a society, say, “We will.! We want others to follow us but we can’t force them”?

What will the 1.5 billion of China do? What will the 1 billion of India do? What will the 1 billion of Africa do? What will the 1 billion of South America do?  Even if the remaining 1.5 billion make every effort. The disastrous scenario will happen. Yes, I know, “The Tremendous Effect of the One”.  Sadly, due to the avarice and thoughtlessness of the many, in this case it will not happen. History has prophesied it. History has shown it. History will define it. The human has not changed in all of history.

Pogo was right!

Have a nice day.

Originally composed in 2008/jmb