A Plan

Dear John,

Take this for what it is worth but….

If Washington can afford $700 Billion investment in to mortgage securities, then we should be able to afford the same level of investment into America. I am not talking about a $600 check in my mail box that doesn’t even come close to paying my rent. I am talking about energy.

I am not saying give into to those left wing radical idiots. I am saying a proposal that uses the various energy sources in this country to remove the dependency on foriegn oil. We should invest via contracts to private businesses to develop energy sources all over this country. Coal in the north east, wind in the planes, offshore drilling, solar in the desert, natural gas. The thing about this is we will diversify our energy concumption, thus when there is an interuption of one source the over all effect will me small. Much like a diversified stock portfolio. The investment of these dollars will mean, engineers, unions, contractors, and labor will all get jobs. These are the people who are not doing manufacturing now. How many jobs will this create? And the job will not be limited to on geographical area, thus the whole country will support it. If Americans are working there mortgages will not default meaning the $700 Billion purchase of mortgages will actually pay a profit. This profit can help the Social Security trust fund. And put the money in bonds. Bonds that earn intrest. Social Secuirty will not go bankrupt if it is not a dollar for dollar system. That does not work for inflation and for population waves like the baby boomers. Once the fund is big enough it will self fund itself thus releaving the tax payer of the burdon. The removal of the dependency of oil will mean our enemies will quit getting rich and will lose the power that they our growing off of our dime.

This proposal solves jobs, the economy, national security and social security.