Chris Farley Charms Congress Back in '95

Conservatives are often irked by Saturday Night Live. This is mostly because SNL hates our guts…or at least thinks our guts are old, white, uncool and smelly. But it is not always so. Indeed, back during the Republican boom of the 90’s a very special merging of these two, supposedly opposing forces  prompted an unforgettable moment that still brings smiles all these years later.

The year was 1995 and the new GOP majority was celebrating its first one hundred days in complete control of congress. As Speak Gingrich addressed the House Republican Conference, a special visitor dropped by…


We conservatives need to laugh. The road is long and winding, sometimes downright perilous. It is far too easy to give in to dispair. Laughter is God’s medicine. It not only feeds the body, it soothes the soul. Don’t forget to smile.  Happy Warriors are the most terrifying to the other guys! (Because they win).


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