We Need A PLAN!

It has been said by writers better than I that this site is excellent, and it is, but it’s filled with old news. The bloggers and writers on RS and many other sites just rehash the same info to us day after day. What we need from the great minds that run these sites (which are very much appreciated) are IDEAS to stop the Socialist Drift that has afflicted this country FOR DECADES. And don’t tell me “just wait till 2010 and vote the bums out”. That never seems to happen. All the great articles detailing the up and coming challengers that want to go to Washington are great and we hope they will do right by us if and when they get there.  But whether it’s due to crooked elections or just stupid electorate doesn’t matter. The same bums seem to get reelected term after term. The rare instance when an incumbent gets the boot, the newly elected politician goes to DC and is almost immediatly infected with the “beltway disease” and it starts over.

And it’s not just Democrats, the Republicans are just as culpable in the progression of Socialist Drift as are the Democrats. They compromise with Dems or betray their contituents outright.  None are ever held to account.

A lot of posts toy with the idea of armed revolution, but please, We The People must not let it come to that. There must be another way for our country to see the light other than through the haze of gun smoke and blood.

To all the great writers and intellectuals at RedState (and other sites), WE NEED IDEAS! We need ways for the frustrated masses (of which I am an example) to make a concrete difference in slowing the progress of Socialist Drift in America, with the goal of reversing this destructive course. Just talking on these forums (while cathartic) will not stop The Left. THEY have a plan, are patient and dedicated. I’m not an intellectual or an historian, but I and millions like me want to save this wonderful country from the disease of liberalism.