Bailouts? Really?

Full disclosure: I like neither John McCain nor Barack Obama, and do not plan to vote for either one. I supported Ron Paul in the primary elections. I do not yet know who I’ll end up voting for, but since I vote in NJ, it doesn’t really matter. So ban me if you want, or delete this post if you want. It’s your website, and unlike some I fully accept this website’s right to choose what views they allow on their site. That being said:

The idea of bailing out Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae sickens me. GSEs are a reprehensible distortion of the free market. I joined the Republican party because I thought they stood against corporate welfare and against government bailouts of the market. I thought they truly believed in capitalism. Bush just about destroyed my faith in Republicans as fiscal conservatives, but McCain, with his willingness to bail out these GSEs has put the final nail in the coffin.