I was trying to reconcile within myself what exactly has occurred in the past month and a half in the Movement of Conservatism. The schism seems to have occurred via the supposed victimization of gays within the Movement. Two months ago everyone was on the same page about what needed to happen for America, we needed to wrench the gavel out of the hands of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We all worked very hard together to make that happen. What happened immediately following the election on November second was a concerted effort to silence Social Conservatives A Leave Me Alone Ethos Is Libertarian, Not Conservatism. The groups calling for this Fiscal Conservatism only push were Libertarian TEA Parties and GOProud. Those groups are a smaller part of the Conservative Movement then Social Conservatives Of Course There is Major Crossover.

– They are mostly social conservatives, not libertarians on social issues. Nearly two-thirds (63%) say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, and less than 1-in-5 (18%) support allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

You see what I can not reconcile is that immediately after an election of which the goal was to restore America to greatness, some would immediately try to undercut a majority of the voting Conservatives. GOProud did not stop pushing for DADT repeal, it was their social issue and they fought on behalf of it. In the same way Social Conservatives should never stop fighting for those social issues that they are passionate about. If the goals of the two groups should be on opposite sides well that is just very American. That CPAC blow up is a perfect example of the two not agreeing on the same social issue’s. CPAC organizers decided that financially they would benefit more with GOPROUD and without Social Conservative Organizations including Heritage Foundation Freedom To Associate Or Not. Their conference their call. Heritage and other Socially Conservative organizations ought to compete with CPAC for their customers and no doubt in the future will. The beauty of that is as Conservatives we will get to decide where we choose to spend our money.

Here is the thing that is ticking me off, Social Conservatives are being painted as bigots by others in the Movement. When those words are uttered or are intimated by someone within your sphere they can never be taken back. What we have is a slew of Libertarians and or Liberal posers who are attempting to rip the Movement apart with their victimization of GOProud CPAC Is Also Promoting Legalization of Marijuana & The ACLU?. We will either continue to work together to rid the Country of Congresspeople who spend us, our children and our grandchildren into oblivion or we won’t, but I refuse to engage in the petty concerns of a bunch of closet liberals to help them to tear down this Movement. We are all grownups and we all can make financial decisions for ourselves and when Heritage and the other Social groups have a conference I will attend it as well as CPAC. There is a big tent in the Republican Party but there is no room for liberals and you will know them by their victimhood, do not let them determine the fate of the Conservative Movement that is ascending. I am certainly not making it up that there are liberals/progressives infiltrating the Movement They Are JFK Democrats, Nothing More, Make Them Go Back To Their Party. The bottom line is that we can work with these people to take America back to its limited government design however we will not be silenced on the issues that matter to us. We will not allow them to dictate the future of the Republican Party when they can just as well go back to their Party of origin and reclaim it from the progressives who have hijacked it!