On The Priebus Of Disaster....

I am sure the bulk of the grassroots of the Republican Party haven’t given the RNC Chair much thought and why should they? They just had a big win in November, right?.  In 2009 when things were bleak with the Democrats having just taken all levels of government, the only thing we had was the Chair race.  It seemed that Michael Steele had momentum at his back as he walked the walk and talked the talk of the grassroots.  He of course ended up being a snake in the grass of the roots of the Party.  He like liberals everywhere utilized the race card and he left the Party broke.  Liberals have a way of destroying everything they touch and of course they are in the Republican Party The Hijacking of Conservatism By Big Government Progressives.  It is now time to replace Michael Steele and be rid of the sorry state of the Republican National Committee that he created.  Interestingly we have a “new” guy who couldn’t have been closer to Michael Steele then if they were a newly married couple, Reince Priebus You Have Come A Short Way Baby .  This “new” guy has a very interesting background, almost liberal like with his moves from the racist NAACP (who are no friends to the grassroots of the Republican Party) to his law firm, which not only encouraged obtaining funds from that 800B “stimulus” bill to discouraging fighting Obamacare There Will Be War I don’t like the arguments about “he couldn’t know”, “its a big law firm”. I think we have heard those excuses about lobbyist’s no? yes we have! It is the inside elite in DC that have little by little stripped We The People of a voice but we changed that in November and we must continue to change that at every level of the Republican Party. I wonder, is Priebus friends with Al Sharpton as well Can we have a Party that is straight up Conservative? We certainly deserve it

The battle for the heart and soul of this Country has not been easy, as a matter of fact is has been grueling We Had To Take To The Streets.  The only way forward for the Country to get back to its limited government design is through the Republican Party.  The only way to ensure that the Republican Party once again becomes the Party of limited government is by ensuring a leader who believes in that as well.  There will be no third Party, there can only be the takeover of the Republican Party Our Own Ron Robinson Wants You To Fight Too.  This is one of those chances where by contacting your Republican Committee Chairman you can make a change in the Party.

It has recently come to my attention that the things I have seen about Reince have been observed by others in the RNC.  Politico is reporting a RNC Chairman out of CT has the same concerns I Do Not Believe This Is The Man For Our Party

When the Executive Committee borrowed another $5 million in late fall, without seeking approval from the Budget Committee, Members were informed the matter was “approved by legal.” And when Steele announced the “Fire Pelosi Tour” a self-indulgent waste of time and resources, Peibus was tossing “Fire Pelosi” hats to anyone who would have them. As we know, the tour was a joke and RNC subsidized “Feel the Love Tour” for Chairman Steele and his sycophant followers. Those precious funds could have been the difference in several key races, where victory was painfully elusive.

Let us not sit out here and pretend like this guy, this INSIDE guy did not have a clue what Michael Steele has been up to for the last two years. To ignore that is to stick our heads in the sand once again. Let us not quietly go back to our lives and let the DC insiders of either Party just resume their picking apart of Conservative values. Let us be heard, we donate to Conservatives and PAC’s and we are the one’s who make the calls and stuff the envelopes, knock on doors, put out signs on dangerous highways. We should have a say in this debate. Go here to submit a question for the debate on Monday Be Heard, It Is Your Party, And Your Country At Stake

You see it is the type of activities that Michael Steele and Reince Priebus have been involved in at the RNC, that have given Republicans the pathetic name of being the Party of the rich (when we damn well know that is the Democrat Party). There were a few times in history when the Republican Party was the Party of We The People, the Party of Lincoln, the Party of Reagan. It is time to return the Party back to the people. Make your calls and stop this insanity from continuing. It is indeed time for change, real change in the Republican Party!

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