Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue or is it, Groundhog Day? UPDATE

Yesterday in the midst of a non-battle over the keeping taxes the same bill, Senator Harry Reid or as I like to call him Freddy Krueger dropped back into our dreams and slashed us with a nightmare. Reid decided to ruin another Christmas in America with 1.2T (yes that is trillion) dollars in spending Freddy Invades America. I truly couldn’t believe it, I was immediately angry, frustrated, defeated and finally I decided to write this diary. I write this diary in hopes that We The People can get the message out to contact both your Congressperson and Senators even if they are Democrats to STOP THE MADNESS. We shut down the Senate phones during the illegal alien amnesty bill and we have got to do it one more time. We need to contact our local TEA Parties as well to spread the message that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. I believe that Friday between 9AM-12P that we need to light up the phones. I cannot begin to express how ignorant these people are and how arrogant they are, they have literally just told us to shut up and take it.

The Democrat Party for the last two Christmases have taken the very spirituality of the season away with their disgusting power trips. They have disregarded our requests in voice and vote to stop the spending and we must fight back. I am personally going to visit my two Senators and my Congressman down in DC because I live here. They are all Democrats, I intend to tell them how what they have allowed to occur for the past two years in un-American. I intend to tell them that they are destroying the American dream and subjecting my children and their children with debt for things they will not even benefit from. That the payoffs to lobbyists and cronies are destroying their future, for the benefit of a few today. I will tell them that I will do what I can to ensure their defeat if they vote for this monstrosity and I will do so quietly and with a courage they do not have.

I believe strongly that if we let them get away with this, START, DREAM and DADT, that they will have integrated so many of their leftwing nightmares into the government that we shall never break free of them. It will be near impossible to put the brakes to all they have written into these bills in the next Congress because the Senate Democrats will stall them. It has to be now and I am ready to fight, are you?

UPdate: FOX News is reporting that some of those Republican Appropriators who were yes votes are getting queasy….MAKE THE CALL! I hope they are throwing up all night long. again 9AM to 12P 12/17/10, call and call again, keep calling until the Senate phones fry! They have to know that WE The People are extremely serious. Please spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, friends and family and just keep calling. John McCain has said get the pitchforks, well the phone and if Freedomworks who is making calls to connect you to your Senator wants to get a STOP THE BILL march on Saturday would definitely be the equivalent to the pitchforks. We Are Trying Senator McCain, You Republican Senators Do Your Damnedest!