Evidence Of A Miracle

I got home from work today and opened my email, one titled “In Memory of Evidence” immediately caught my attention. It did so because a few years ago I read a story of a little Zebra that someone had in the back of their vehicle, they had gotten in an accident and left the scene, leaving big Evidence of what had occurred. Noah’s Ark Evidence of a Miracle a non-profit animal/children’s care center immediately took him in and a story went around the net. I have donated to this organization quarterly since that time with additional at Christmas time. This particular organization is brilliant in its set up because the orphaned children take care of the orphaned animals and in return the orphaned animals give the children empathy. It is heartbreaking to learn that Evidence died on November 20th. Now some will say “so what” it was an animal, I will say that when you give yourself over to taking care of something that is completely dependent upon you, you have given yourself over to God. Animals love you without asking you to love them back, you do of course but they don’t demand it from you. It is the heart of an animal lover that is to me more pure then any others. When you look at a “disposed” of animal at a rescue organization and you know their awful story and yet they are thrilled to have you in their presence, you know you are in the presence of God. It is the little animal as it is the little baby who seem to sense good and evil, and I for one pay attention to both when they don’t particulary like someone.

Evidence brought something rare and irreplaceable to Noah’s Ark – and to the hearts of many who came to love him. We feel like God used this little zebra to reach out to those who needed to glimpse a hero – a survivor – the true Evidence of love. He made people smile when he became friends with Mary the cat…and when he seemed so fascinated with Gracie’s blonde mane…when he stole Pop’s hat and nibbled carrots from Grandma Connor’s fingers (while she stood safely on the other side of the fence.) We were constantly amazed at the people who came – many from out of state – just to see him. They had read his story in a newspaper or online – and just had to come and “meet” him.

The miracle of course is the heart and soul of the people at Noah’s Ark. They so loved their fellow man and animals that they care for both. They are totally dependent upon the good nature of fellow Americans and probably others in the World. They are what we should all hope to be and that is kindhearted. It is a simple act of kindness in this world that touches someone, somewhere and usually just when they need it. It is dignity and grace of the human heart that decides to take on both animals and children to help them get a forever home. The volunteers that help to make this organization run are truly God centered people and they are Evidence of a Miracle in America.