I Will Not Let The Elites Decide For Me

It is amazing how far we have come in two short years. The worlds collided on September 11th 2001 and our Country stood up to the enemy, something that Liberalism had removed from the public psyche over a long 4 decades. The public as it usually does became weary of war after 7 years and they most definitely wanted change, they just did not realize what that change meant. If 8 years of war had worked over the public, 2 full years of financial pain certainly has focused their attention. I know that in 2008 Senator John McCain having been chosen as the standard bearer of the Republican Party was a bridge to far after having supported “compassionate” Conservatism for 8 years. Senator McCain though picked a woman who was a TEA Party Patriot before TEA Party Patriotism was cool. Sarah Palin was thrown into a fist fight so brutal the only person who walked away unscathed was Barack Hussein Obama. The Republican elite and the “progressive” Democrat Party mauled her over like a chicken at a pit bull fight. She was attacked and has continued to be attacked as no other person in my 40+ years of knowledge had been. She has risen to the occasion and allowed no one to get away with their insanity and lies. She even took time after a family dinner yesterday to answer her faux pas on North/South Korea, which lo and behold became part of the “news” all day, from every inside the beltway “news” organization No Day Of Rest For A Patriot. For a person who is un-electable this woman sure controls the media on a daily basis. There is more written about Sarah Palin then by the guy who is running this Country.

I found Sarah saying that if she were a distraction she would not run for the Presidency and I thought to myself, that is what the elites want her to do, back down. Sarah Palin is more ready and more vetted to be President then any other candidate who would throw down for 2012. There is nothing that is not known about her, or where she stands on the issues that we care about. I have always maintained that I do not care if she does or doesn’t run, but the truth is, there is no one who personifies what I truly care about more then she does. She is a true RED Conservative. She would do away with the building blocks of Socialism that have crept into Washington and filtered out to the States. I would have no qualms about how she would vote in DC. I would have no fears that she would surround herself with knowledgeable and Conservative people. This I do know, those whose names keep creeping up have thrown away their Conservative stripes when it benefited them. If they cannot stay Conservative when they are Governors or former Speakers (hey Newt how did that Global Warming work for you?) then really would we expect them to be Conservative in the position of the United States Presidency?

It was two short years ago when the bile and hate directed at Sarah Palin began. It was two short years ago when those same disgusting haters said she would be gone by now. They were wrong then and they continue to be wrong now. She has withstood the storm, the sun is beginning to rise on the horizon and I for one welcome a sunshiny day. Is she perfect? no and if you find a perfect person, well watch out because it will be the devil himself. In the end Sarah Palin has the values and the policies that I a TEA Party American can get behind and support. If she chooses to run, I will support her, if she chooses to back another candidate, her word and support of that person will make that person rise to the top for me. I will not allow the Media Wing of the Democrat Party and the old, staid and elite Media Wing of the Republican Party (The Weekly Standard) to push their pablum on me. I will think for myself and for my children and their children. Sarah Palin has shown time and again that she thinks of those same things and for that she is #1 at this moment in time.

We can no longer stand by and allow Big Media, Big Business and Big Government to decide for us, we must decide for ourselves. The war has been long and the wins have been small for Conservatism, there will not be many more chances to make real, definable change in this Country and to allow the same people who created the mess to define our candidate is to lose the battle.