Tempest In A TEA Pot

I cannot begin to express how exciting the whole idea of the TEA Party Movement has made politics. The idea of Americans getting together to stop the insanity in DC was immediately a hit February 2009 how far we have come. New names and faces popped up all across America saying the same things we were all thinking. The one common theme – respect for the United States. It was, and continues to be a necessary part of the political spectrum because the two parties were melding together as one. The Democrats decided they no longer wanted to be the same and jerked hard left and decided that the “old” America was no longer acceptable, that she should be different. We decided that was a no go and got up off our couches and took days off of work, and shut down the phone systems of those who had taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. As with all groups, there will be leaders, and there will be followers, but there will also be those who will feed off of the group, to either make money or go forward with their own egotism.

This puts us at the calamity that was the TEA Party Patriots demand, yes their demand that should be paid attention to – or else! This will never be acceptable, NEVER. Now, while it seems that in the end the TEA Party Patriots were right about the scheduling etc., their approach was wrong and cannot be acceptable in Conservative circles. I, more than anyone, recognize the danger of treating citizens, elected or not, as nothing more then a means to an end to their desires. The Democrats are controlled by their base and it has given us an America that is Socialist and that is unacceptable to a majority of us. It is not unreasonable to expect our elected representatives to vote in our best interests and to hold them accountable to their promises, but to threaten them with “we are watching you” and making overtures that they will not be re-elected before they are even sworn in, borders on hysteria. We Conservatives do not do hysteria and we don’t do threats, we call and calmly explain what we expect and then we vote every 2 years. If this kind of thinking – pressuring and threatening – is allowed to flourish in the TEA Party Movement, it will most assuredly fail as many movements have in the past.

I would have told those legislators whose numbers were given out to not attend just on principle. Do not give those who act as if they hold your office in their hand the satisfaction of your presence. They have shown themselves to be less then decent, honorable keepers of the TEA Party Movement. This is a very serious time in our Country, where we will all hang together or the Country dies alone. This is our generations calling to bring America back to that shining city on the hill and I, for one, do not accept those whose egos have intruded on sanity to be the clarion call for the Movement.

If you think I am beating up on the Patriots for their ignorance, you are correct. These men and women who are going to DC for the first time must at least get their bearings This is not like walking into a receptionist job for the day. They need us to be proud of them, until they give us a reason not to and not attending a TEA Party Patriots event does not fall into that failure column (though they think so). I have removed myself from their emails because I found their behavior to be akin to the left and I personally have had more then enough of that type of politicking.