The History of the Democrat Party is Racism and Steny Hoyer (D-MD) Supports that Tradition...

Steny Hoyer threatened a Black Republican Candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District.  That he would feel comfortable doing so says more about the racist, hateful Democrat Party then it is does about Hoyer.  He was only doing what he felt comfortable in doing.  I have never and will never understand Black Americans voting for the party of the KKK and the really more recently the Party that keeps them locked in subservient positions on the Democrat Plantation You Punched This Man? Really Steny?, Pathetic.

Lollar spokesperson Patt Parker told somd.com today that she could not identify the person who posed the question, but believed he was a reporter from So. Maryland Today, formerly St. Mary’s Today. According to their editor, she had several reporters at the press conference, but could not confirm if the man asking the question was theirs. The man was off camera.

“I could of swore, towards that end, just about shortly after he made that remark to you, that there was like a knuckle punch to your back. Were my eyes, am I that blind, did I make that up or was he, was he giving you kind of a goad there?” stated the questioner.

“You are not making that up,” responded Lollar. “It was done not just once, but twice.”

So very shameful an action by an ignorant man, make sure he gets to go home to think about his racist and violent actions!