Time Travel to 1999 and What's Old Is New Again.....Sadly.

I remember reading about these insane people over in the Middle East in the late 90’s. They were killing women for showing even a modicum of freedom or skin. I saw the picture and I know most Americans saw it as well Savages. I kind of blew it off as more of the same of what I had seen my entire life out of the Middle East. I of course could not know that 19 hijackers were planning and plotting to kill thousands of American citizens at that same time 5 Years They Planned That Day. I am aghast at the prospect of the Taliban working with the United States and the leaders of Afghanistan to have a workable relationship to “end” the war. It is not enough that many, many of our fellow citizens have fought to the death to deny the Taliban the ability to re-engage, oh no, now they truly will have died in vain Taliban, Afghans and the USA are in talks.

President Barack Obama supports recent attempts by the Afghan government to open peace talks with Taliban leaders, but still wants the insurgents to renounce violence and their support of al-Qaida, the White House said Wednesday.

I for the past few weeks have watched as this Country takes 100 steps backwards in time. 9 years have passed and the appeasement has begun. This is not the only area that this Administration has taken us back in the time machine on. The Communists/Socialists are actually marching front and center as they did during the run up to WWII The American Version of Nazi’s. I don’t know what happened to the majority of American citizens, that we allowed ourselves to become so complacent as to allow this insanity to take a foothold. We should be rising up in anger and disgust that our government would even consider talking with the Taliban (where is NOW btw). We should be rising up in anger and disgust that Socialists/Communists feel comfortable in the heart of Washington DC without a counter protest! These are the things along with a drumming out of office those who are comfortable with these people, that we should be loudest and most angry about. If we allow these “progressives” to continue without a major slapdown, then we will truly reaped what we have sowed!