Oh No Now Christine O'Donnell is a Witch :Evil Woman is playing in my head:...LOL..

So yesterday she was a stuck up Christian telling you not to masturbate today she is a witch Powerline MUST Take Her Out To Be Right. This demon woman is all things to all haters. There is nothing she can do right. Did it ever occur to these people that the people are onto them and know they want to ruin her to be right about her not winning and will do everything in their power to ensure she doesn’t win. Christine O’Donnell is more alike with a bunch of 40 somethings who came up in the late 70’s and early 80’s then these holier then thou types on the right seem to recognize. Why I bet a large portion of our Presidents who graduate from Harvard or Yale dabbled in blood oaths and other gruesome side games (could be called witchcraft) Don’t Stand in Judgment of That Which You Don’t Understand. Hell, I checked out witchcraft myself in my teens, I didn’t do the blood thing though, not to say I wouldn’t have but I just didn’t. In the waning days of the 70’s and early 80’s, this Country was kind of like it is today, sad, depressed and not sure that there would be a good future. My parents and I am sure a lot of parents, screamed and hollered every day about the precarious state of our existence. In those days a lot of people my age were looking for “something” what was that “something”? I didn’t know, I checked all of the major religions and then started looking at other types of “religion”. In hindsight, after many years of marriage and grown children, it all seems rather silly but that doesn’t make it a jailable offense and it certainly does not preclude someone from running for Senate.

I would like everyone who HATES this woman because she beat Mike Castle to really think about their past and how “pure” are they? and seriously think about those who were raised up “right” and who have the backgrounds of Moses (oh yeah, there are not a majority of those) who are now in public office. The Congress has been controlled by people who have a hell of lot more nastiness and or nuttiness about them then Christine will ever have had in her youthful exuberance in all things that life had to offer or to take from a young woman or man. If this is now the game the Political Class wants to play with Conservatives, well by God WE WILL PLAY and damn it WE WILL WIN!

There are no “perfect” people, there are only sinners and saviors, WE are a fallen people and barring murder, cheating, stealing (owing taxes is NOT stealing nor cheating), there are going to be very few who can live the life of Job. If every little mark against a candidate makes that candidate unviable then 3/4 of the Congress had better pack up their offices. I would remind Powerline and NRO and the Delaware GOP that this woman IS the candidate, she has been picked and if her competitor wants to bring the nasty about her from 25 years ago then his 25 years ago comes into play. The problem of course is he doesn’t have to because the “Republicans” are doing it for him. Their squealing and gnashing of teeth is getting LOUDER & LOUDER. So I implore the good people of Delaware to keep sticking that pig and elect this woman who will vote AGAINST Cap & Trade and to overturn Obamacare and who will vote with Senator Jim DeMint to bring fiscal sanity back to these United States of America!

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