"The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe. We'll get a freighter." ....

Only Bones McCoy (Star Trek for non-trekkies) could see that the Democrat Party in 2010 would pick a freighter 27-Years in MI Politics = Old Freighter to FIGHT against Dr. Dan Benishek The New Star Fleet. Americans, from sea to shining sea, have said, “Enough!” The bureaucracy of the Federal Government has overtaken our lives and destroyed the American dream for our children and grandchildren and was done with the complete cooperation of the Democrat Party in just a scant 2 years. The Democrats continue to pick candidates who have no fresh ideas and their old and rejected ideology says more about their dying party then it says about ours!

What Dr. Dan Benishek did was what we all did, we and he said, “Enough!” Here was a guy who was living his life like we all were, perhaps keeping an eye on politics but working to give our children something better than we had. We wanted it to be fantastic because the generation before us did such a great job. Nonetheless, we wanted better for our children, and yet the Democrat party decided that our hard work and sacrifice needed to be given to others in a redistribution scheme that could come off the lips of Lenin or Castro. It has damaged the ability of the people to engage in the free market of ideas and the benefits that are awarded those who work hard to bring those ideas to fruition. Dr. Benishek watched with disgust as Stupak sold out our country for a few shekels and sold out the lives of the babies who will die from our tax dollars, another lie the federal government sold America when they “created” a right to kill.

Dr Dan Benishek is a citizen soldier who has never voted to take from you what you have earned, but his competitor, Gary McDowell, certainly has..

Income Tax Increase (3.9%?4.35%) $750+ million per year
Sales Tax on Services $600+ million per year
MBT Surcharge (repeal of Services Tax) $600+ million per year
Trash Tax (21 cents to $7.50 per ton) $150 million per year
Physician Tax $300 million per year
Real Estate Transfer Tax Increase $ 42 million per year
Rental Car Tax (fully fund Pure Michigan) $ 13 million
Freeze Personal Exemption on Income Tax $ 87 million over two years

And these are just some of the taxes he has forced on the people of Michigan. It is amazing that in Michigan, where the citizens have had to endure a Socialist scheme for decades, that has destroyed a beautiful state under the watchful eyes and full cooperation of the Democrats, that a Democrat would even show his face to run. They believe that the battered citizens will consider another D to further steal from their pockets even more of their hard-earned dollars. I certainly do think that if We The People are ever to get back to the limited government that the Founding Fathers envisioned, then it must start with candidates like Dr. Dan Benishek.

If you feel like you want to do something to take back your Country then start with a donation to the man who would repeal the Socialistic Obamacare and has never backed off that promise!